Chains and Games

So minor update before the spring season reviews kick up:

I am still every week discussing why anime is broken.

I’ve added 2 new pages discussing some recent board/card games I’ve been working on. One is Death By Cards which is sort of an absurdest storytelling game. It’s meant to make you tell stories that you normally thought you would never hear. Because the cards are open-ended and their usage is intended to be whatever ‘makes sense’ considering the context you can end up with a lot of moments like – what have we done?, and did I just say that?

The second game is a drinking game, about punching people and drinking to get mana. (I swear the 3rd game I mention is family-friendly.) Punch Drunk Magic is a game where to win you need to block other players, to do that you must kill monster and defeat challenges, and to do that you need magic – which is where drinking comes into play. (There is of course rules for those not wishing to partake)


Death By Cards is at this point ‘done’ and my current action is to finalize the design, and then get a full print – and continue to playtest and make sure the rules are solid. Punch Drunk is still at an alpha stage and over it’s few playtests it’s changed (and simplified!) quite a bit. Hopefully I’ll be comfortable with it’s design later on this year to start getting all the art and printing it needs to go forward.

I’m also working on an untitled 3rd game for a contest for The Flux Capacity over at The Game Crafter (which the aforementioned games are being built/developed/printed on.) To those who enjoy game design I urge you to check out their site as there’s a truly liberating feeling in knowing that you, yes you can actually make a board game.


In chainmail news I’ve made a new weave, and will also post that along with some string and leather weaves I’ve recently been toying with. I’ve got some updated images of the whole armor piece (including a head piece) which hopefully once some other stuff settles down I can post here. I hope (since I apparently have been drafted) to have the new armor design ready for Connecticon since I will be doing an unrelated panel there.


Anyway stay tuned for that, and in the following week expect the seasonal reviews in full-force.

Some Tab Stuff and Other Updates

First on the Tab Front – I’ve fixed all the gallery pages, and will soon have some more updates with the new WIP Arms, and the Finished Cape in fully glory. View galleries here. I’ve also added a new weave which really I should have had a while ago. Double Flat Tabscale using 5/16 rings.


As you (and my Google Search hits) may have noticed this site no longer has spirit reviews. It’s been clamoring for it’s own place and I’ve finally given it one at Honest Booze Reviews. The site has been ‘soft-launched’ right now all I’ve got left is to make the site look pretty and the launch proper will began with weekly content on wine, beer, and spirits.


Finally as mentioned above I’ve begun writing a weekly column on anime back over at Nerdfit which has been upgraded (again). Those fans of my normal reviews will certainly like the content, and the style is a little less ADD and depressing, and more trying to fix the broken sham that anime is. You can read “I Hope Nippon-Sempai Notices Me.” Here at every Friday.


Cheers mates.

Fall 2013 Anime Season Reviews/First Impressions [Complete]

JAWBONERPINEAPPLEDIRTYDANCINGBITCHTITSJAAEEEGGGEEERRR! Guys, hey guys. Kill la Kill is this season, hell it’s like in 2 days from the original time of this post. If you read this in the future IT’S ALREADY OUT. THAT’S AWESOME. I mean there’s other anime this season which is – I dunno a thing I guess? I’ll still review it, but I’ve been told Kill la Kill is 24 episodes meaning next season is covered until we get Space Dandy – which dammit who needs all the anime when there’s just these like 5 series of great anime.

fall-preview-main-image copy

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