So next season looks okay? Nah that must be the dry spell that was this fucken season, because while I’m fine with my shounen’s of Fairy Tail, Hunter, Pedal, and Baby Steps –  anime as a whole has been shitty (and because of some peoples JRPG’s) I’ve not even been able to watch Mushishi or Ping Pong as much.


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So CaH’s Tabletop Deathmatch entries for 2014 is ending today (oh and it’s my birthday) I’ve submitted all 4 of my in progress games (which now all have pages), and over the course of the week and weekend I hope to get some more playtesting, and some more images up of the various games.

Since it was my birthday though I went and got myself 2 presents. 1 was a shiny GameCrafter prototype of my newest project Chimera Battle Royale, and even though the art is programmer art – I think it makes the game a lot more something I can put in front of more people to get some more testing. (the other gift was some more board games and scotch)


I’ve not forgotten my other games though, and I also have good news. While the game Chris and I were working on didn’t get into the Flux Capacity challenge, we made some changes that we felt the game needed (but were against Flux’s rules), and we put the game into the Boston FiG competition. The game is currently in the second round!

Cascade is likely my most finished project – but that’s also because I want to continue to refine my other projects a bit more to make them stronger games overall.


Anyway I’ll be starting my own little review column for board games (since why not) on Nerdfit either next week or two, and I’ll likely crosspost. As Nerdfit is a little lacking in Tabletops – I promise to start slow and begin with some classics before I start seeking out the newest games from the big names, or the best from the indie and KS markets. Look forward to Tabletop Workbench here or at the main site (You can also read the anime articles – but fair warning that’s a comedy column, whereas Workbench will be a more serious review column)


So some updates on various fronts:

The game Chris Daley and I have been working on for the Flux Capacity Challenge/Boston FiG is coming along quite well, hopefully once we start ordering stuff I can post it here (and once we get a name.

There’s been some major rework done to PunchDrunkMagic based on feedback, but with the above, and my following news – it’s a little backburner atm.

DEATH BY CARDS! I finally ordered a full print-card version for further testing. It’s intoxicating how great it is to have the full thing in a form that’s ‘almost’ finished versus my print and play – or like with my other games where I have written on parts. I’ve posted some screens below of the card pile (it came unsorted) and what it looks like in the box all pretty with the added counters/dice/dividers.



On to tabs – I have a new weave added both here, and at Intructables I’ve had it for a while, but I needed to upload instructions. It was added as a part to this scarf thing (pictured below) which is something I can bring to events/cons so that people can see how diverse they are, and get a real feel of it (as opposed to the ‘petting’ I usually get)




I also have some images of some one-off things I did with string and leather in response to someone asking some questions on overall armor design. Now while I follow some of my fellows who do this often with yarn and other materials – called Tabistry (visit their FB!) I shied away from string due to some earlier bracer experiments which ended in disaster under a few days at an event. The doubling effect I show here, and especially the leather seem to be fairy rigid, and I may end up doing a piece – it’s oddly very time consuming compared to some of my stuff (not all)





Well guys, Kill la Kill is over, and even Space Dandy has abandoned me for what looks to be one of the shittiest anime seasons in recent memory, between Titan, Dandy, KLK, Watamote, and Bakemonogatari I’ve forgotten what it was like to have pretty much nothing to watch that I just had to watch. Sure I get Fairy Tail back, but that’s never been a series where I had to be like – no we watch this first, and Mushishi while amazing just doesn’t get you hype for anime.


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So minor update before the spring season reviews kick up:

I am still every week discussing why anime is broken.

I’ve added 2 new pages discussing some recent board/card games I’ve been working on. One is Death By Cards which is sort of an absurdest storytelling game. It’s meant to make you tell stories that you normally thought you would never hear. Because the cards are open-ended and their usage is intended to be whatever ‘makes sense’ considering the context you can end up with a lot of moments like – what have we done?, and did I just say that?

The second game is a drinking game, about punching people and drinking to get mana. (I swear the 3rd game I mention is family-friendly.) Punch Drunk Magic is a game where to win you need to block other players, to do that you must kill monster and defeat challenges, and to do that you need magic – which is where drinking comes into play. (There is of course rules for those not wishing to partake)


Death By Cards is at this point ‘done’ and my current action is to finalize the design, and then get a full print – and continue to playtest and make sure the rules are solid. Punch Drunk is still at an alpha stage and over it’s few playtests it’s changed (and simplified!) quite a bit. Hopefully I’ll be comfortable with it’s design later on this year to start getting all the art and printing it needs to go forward.

I’m also working on an untitled 3rd game for a contest for The Flux Capacity over at The Game Crafter (which the aforementioned games are being built/developed/printed on.) To those who enjoy game design I urge you to check out their site as there’s a truly liberating feeling in knowing that you, yes you can actually make a board game.


In chainmail news I’ve made a new weave, and will also post that along with some string and leather weaves I’ve recently been toying with. I’ve got some updated images of the whole armor piece (including a head piece) which hopefully once some other stuff settles down I can post here. I hope (since I apparently have been drafted) to have the new armor design ready for Connecticon since I will be doing an unrelated panel there.


Anyway stay tuned for that, and in the following week expect the seasonal reviews in full-force.