Punch Drunk Magic

Punch Drunk Magic (PDM) is a card and hex-tile based game with a focus on consuming beverages to gain magic which can be used to defeat foes or challenges. Accomplishing said goals leads to loot, and the ability to block-off other players in order to win the game.

(See Rules Here: PunchDrunkMagic)

Punch Drunk Magic came about literally from it’s name (which was conceived during some drunken Magic the Gathering.) the idea then snowballed into development under the premise that to gain magical powers a player had to to drink, and that while that may make you drunk with power (hehehehehe bad jokes) the game would also feature a strategic element that maybe that magical power you gained may make things more difficult for you.

The games main mechanic is that you sit on a hex board of various types of Encounter Tiles, and that you are able to place barriers in-between these tiles, and that other players cannot pass these barriers. By placing these strategically you can either trap a player in a zone, or possibly punch them into a designated zone in order to win the game.


Below is a visual explanation of the mechanics at large.

explanation_1 explanation_2

Now to get these barriers players must complete various challenges or defeat monsters. By doing this they gain barriers or valuable treasures to improve their attack or other actions. Of course as you figured to complete said obstacles one must use magic, and therefore drink.

The game will of course have rules for non-drinking both alternative or not at all. Currently the game is in early beta and the mechanics as well as the cards are still in-flux. My main focus on game development is Death By Cards – but I hope that during the time to get that released I’ll be able to create and work on artwork and design for Punch Drunk Magic.

(A beta shot)



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