Some Tab Stuff and Other Updates

First on the Tab Front – I’ve fixed all the gallery pages, and will soon have some more updates with the new WIP Arms, and the Finished Cape in fully glory. View galleries here. I’ve also added a new weave which really I should have had a while ago. Double Flat Tabscale using 5/16 rings.


As you (and my Google Search hits) may have noticed this site no longer has spirit reviews. It’s been clamoring for it’s own place and I’ve finally given it one at Honest Booze Reviews. The site has been ‘soft-launched’ right now all I’ve got left is to make the site look pretty and the launch proper will began with weekly content on wine, beer, and spirits.


Finally as mentioned above I’ve begun writing a weekly column on anime back over at Nerdfit which has been upgraded (again). Those fans of my normal reviews will certainly like the content, and the style is a little less ADD and depressing, and more trying to fix the broken sham that anime is. You can read “I Hope Nippon-Sempai Notices Me.” Here at every Friday.


Cheers mates.

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