Spring 2014 Anime Season Reviews/First Impressions [Complete]

Well guys, Kill la Kill is over, and even Space Dandy has abandoned me for what looks to be one of the shittiest anime seasons in recent memory, between Titan, Dandy, KLK, Watamote, and Bakemonogatari I’ve forgotten what it was like to have pretty much nothing to watch that I just had to watch. Sure I get Fairy Tail back, but that’s never been a series where I had to be like – no we watch this first, and Mushishi while amazing just doesn’t get you hype for anime.


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Fall 2013 Anime Season Reviews/First Impressions [Complete]

JAWBONERPINEAPPLEDIRTYDANCINGBITCHTITSJAAEEEGGGEEERRR! Guys, hey guys. Kill la Kill is this season, hell it’s like in 2 days from the original time of this post. If you read this in the future IT’S ALREADY OUT. THAT’S AWESOME. I mean there’s other anime this season which is – I dunno a thing I guess? I’ll still review it, but I’ve been told Kill la Kill is 24 episodes meaning next season is covered until we get Space Dandy – which dammit who needs all the anime when there’s just these like 5 series of great anime.

fall-preview-main-image copy

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