Happy Deathmatch

So CaH’s Tabletop Deathmatch entries for 2014 is ending today (oh and it’s my birthday) I’ve submitted all 4 of my in progress games (which now all have pages), and over the course of the week and weekend I hope to get some more playtesting, and some more images up of the various games.

Since it was my birthday though I went and got myself 2 presents. 1 was a shiny GameCrafter prototype of my newest project Chimera Battle Royale, and even though the art is programmer art – I think it makes the game a lot more something I can put in front of more people to get some more testing. (the other gift was some more board games and scotch)


I’ve not forgotten my other games though, and I also have good news. While the game Chris and I were working on didn’t get into the Flux Capacity challenge, we made some changes that we felt the game needed (but were against Flux’s rules), and we put the game into the Boston FiG competition. The game is currently in the second round!

Cascade is likely my most finished project – but that’s also because I want to continue to refine my other projects a bit more to make them stronger games overall.


Anyway I’ll be starting my own little review column for board games (since why not) on Nerdfit either next week or two, and I’ll likely crosspost. As Nerdfit is a little lacking in Tabletops – I promise to start slow and begin with some classics before I start seeking out the newest games from the big names, or the best from the indie and KS markets. Look forward to Tabletop Workbench here or at the main site Nerdfit.com. (You can also read the anime articles – but fair warning that’s a comedy column, whereas Workbench will be a more serious review column)

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