Death by Tabs

So some updates on various fronts:

The game Chris Daley and I have been working on for the Flux Capacity Challenge/Boston FiG is coming along quite well, hopefully once we start ordering stuff I can post it here (and once we get a name.

There’s been some major rework done to PunchDrunkMagic based on feedback, but with the above, and my following news – it’s a little backburner atm.

DEATH BY CARDS! I finally ordered a full print-card version for further testing. It’s intoxicating how great it is to have the full thing in a form that’s ‘almost’ finished versus my print and play – or like with my other games where I have written on parts. I’ve posted some screens below of the card pile (it came unsorted) and what it looks like in the box all pretty with the added counters/dice/dividers.



On to tabs – I have a new weave added both here, and at Intructables I’ve had it for a while, but I needed to upload instructions. It was added as a part to this scarf thing (pictured below) which is something I can bring to events/cons so that people can see how diverse they are, and get a real feel of it (as opposed to the ‘petting’ I usually get)




I also have some images of some one-off things I did with string and leather in response to someone asking some questions on overall armor design. Now while I follow some of my fellows who do this often with yarn and other materials – called Tabistry (visit their FB!) I shied away from string due to some earlier bracer experiments which ended in disaster under a few days at an event. The doubling effect I show here, and especially the leather seem to be fairy rigid, and I may end up doing a piece – it’s oddly very time consuming compared to some of my stuff (not all)




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