Winter 2012-13 Anime Season Reviews/First Impressions [Complete]

Well Nerdfit is dead – okay not really, but for now you wouldn’t be able to read my one-of-a-kind updates and reviews of the new season. Normally I would take this as a sign from above to spare myself from the shittiness that is the new anime seasons, but that’s not fair to you. In the end that’s why I do this. I do it for you. So that you don’t have to suffer like I do. I take the proverbial bullet that is bad anime. In return all I ask is your silent thanks, a cursory nod to know that I’m there for you – helping you.


No real changes to the format this season. So like before I won’t be keep you waiting three weeks to get your reviews, and be updating daily filling in new shows. I’ll have a list at the bottom of shows not aired, and check back every couple of days to see what my opinion/ADHD summary is. (Note: Once again all images from I also won’t leave the post featured for half the season again (kept forgetting to turn it off – apologies) Updates in Bold.


Name: Ai Mai Mi

Subtitle: The “THEY’RE GOING TO KILL ME” anime


Summary: Kappa? KILLED BY CUCUMBER. I’m vomiting and bleeding, I’m vleeding. Diabetes. CAT CIRCLE MURDER. Wait nothing about gay porn? Wait whut? I THOUGHT IT WASN’T SWINGING. Don’t mean a thing if it don’t got that swing. Sucking nipples until they died? Then 8-bit ending.

Review: This is a 4-koma anime condensed into 5 minutes, and it’s incredibly random. It’s funny make no mistake, but I have no idea what’s going on, and I can only hope the comedy remains.

Date Added: 01/05/13


Name: Amnesia

Subtitle: The “Would rather watch the game and die scared” anime


Summary: These guys are all boning each other. Is this yaoi?  THAT CHURCH IS BURNING! SHE’S BLIND! God your slow to respond, but drugs will do that. God they’re gay. Every time I see his eyes I’m disgusted at the gay.  Let’s go off to suck each other dicks. He’s just killing butterflies and being gay. Do she has no memories – I’m surprised. Handjob?  Yeah parfait instructions. Nice hats. Really…………….. WHO CARES! GAY. Yo Naoto faggots got scissors.

Review: In case you ladies want your gay butt stuff more subtle – here ya go.

Date Added: 01/10/13


Name: AKB0048 Next Stage

Subtitle: The “What’s worse than idols? 48 of them, that never die in spirit” anime


Summary: Oh shit they all died, thank god. Man backstage for a bunch of lesbian whore pedophiles. Jackie want’s to die, and I understand why. She started singing the songs in a guy’s voice – made it so much better. They had bad times – no this was always dumb, and bad cg. Footloose meet gay metalacoplyse and acid. GALAXY EXPRESS? Okay we gave up.

Review: Someone in the room while watching this wished for death. This isn’t me – a man so jaded that the mere tone of the wrong opening causes me pain. This was a fairly normal person, and they wanted to die. Idols are not the cancer killing anime, they’re the bubonic plague killing us all.

Date Added: 01/08/13


Name: Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman

Subtitle: The “Lupin: Edo” anime


Summary: Lupin? KEYBLADE! What are they stealing money from? Rocket? It is a rocket…. DECREASED INFLATION! Moneysplosion! Paprika x Lupin? Death chopsticks. An eel, and electric eel! Nice afro. ZOMBIES! He used flour? I’m a helper. Taken all the money. CHERRY BLOSSOM STAR. A-team? Getting drunk. Then gay brother spear duo. Tron? WHAT WTF POWER RANGERS. Split the building, Nice use of zipper.

Review: I’m not particularly sure what’s going on here overall, but this is worth watching if only because an anime that’s doing this kind of premise and art is clearly not catering to 80% of the otaku bullshit.

Date Added: 01/12/13


Name: Beast Saga

Subtitle: The “Chest power square is really not evolutionarily sound” anime


Summary: Lions evolved into robots? So I guess frogs are evil –oh its mammals versus non-mammals. Bushes are so hi-tech. So what are in the hotdogs? Old people freedom to work, as opposed to being meat. Like that kind of shingles, or the other? What are you? Shit he’s the king you dead. Like why would you mess with a guy that massive? TAKE ME TO YOURLEADER! And then they explained the magic. BURNING CROTCH!

Review: This is a kid’s show, we kept watching in case it wasn’t and was hiding. It was not. To be fair the fact that they have chest power squares and look like they’ve already made the action figures should have been enough of a tip off. So if you are five year old on the internet and know how to watch anime – don’t watch this. Go watch Akira or Ergo Proxy – live a little I mean c’mon you’re 5 and a half right – you can do what you like.

Date Added: 02/02/13


Name: Boku no Imouto wa Osaka Okan

Subtitle: The “My little sister wants the Osaka D” anime


Summary: Not even real anime. And she wants the D. Lol Flash anime. God dammit this is boring. Boring. So the premise is that Osaka is different. BORING. And Random bath scene.

Review: I was expecting another little sister complex anime, instead I got whatever this is. It’s basically a boring flash anime talking about how shit in Osaka is SOOOO different. Sadly nobody gives a rat’s ass about this, I even highly doubt people in Japan care at all about this. In the end we get another boring, useless, unnecessary short.

Date Added: 01/05/13


Name: Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT

Subtitle: The “I need a venn diagram of this anime’s followers and friends – there is no overlap” anime


Summary: Ahh this faggot, punching people in the library. Laughing at you… And then a twin fetish porn was made. Heaping? So is that what they kids are calling it these days. And she’s back in 2 minutes. Who pokes bushes? She never said anything. I wonder why… Spanking a teenage girl.. Kidnapping? Oh god. Dad is super ready to kill you. Why is the dad tsundere…. Then it’s creepy serial killer time… Moo. AHAHAHAHA. Stay over… Is the dad just like please bone my daughter or what? Rose bath? Then homoerotism with some symbolism. Why is a hand down there? Okay wtf.

Review: Remember that anime from a few seasons back where it was a club formed because nobody knew how to make friends? WELL STOP REMEMBERING IT. YOU AND I BOTH CAN JUST FORGET IT, DON’T I AND YOU THE FICTIONAL READER HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO WITH THEIR LIVES- don’t we? please?

Date Added: 01/14/13


Name: Chihayafuru Second Season



Summary: Seriously what a dumb anime. Aka you’re all acting weird for a really dumb game. I really need to start a rule where I can skip animes where I skipped the first season… You know what fuck it. I can’t even get past the intro without being like hurrdurr premise.

Review: Find me a person who want to watch a sports anime about a game where you match poetry cards by slapping them. Remind them this is a serious anime. If they are still interested – kneel them down in front of their family (w/ small children if possible) and shoot them in the head. Don’t skimp on ammo.

Date Added: 01/14/13


Name: Cuticle Detective Inaba

Subtitle: The “Gawd this is dumb” anime


Summary: Werewolf police dog – I don’t…. Come here boy. A 16 year old boy should not be ‘into’ cats. WHAT THE CRHIST FUCK! AND Lee called the cross-dresser. What is his deal. THIS IS LITERALLY THE GAYEST. It’s a goat! HE HAS A MUSKET? Damn right shoot him. EAT SHIT! Of course the goat eats money. And then counterfeits it by vomiting? COMMMONER PUNCH! This is so dumb. AHAHHAHAHAHA. God this is dumb. Than the artists gave up. I AM FRIDGEMAN! Wow pretty defined height there for minions. Butthole? Brutal. Tits lady is the best. WAIT GHOSTS WUT? HOLDY SHIT! YOU’RE FUCKED. Take her top off. HAHAHAHAHA. Singing goat time. Whoa chainsaw.

Review: Like some of the gags are good, but overall it follows the “only 1 chick rule” meaning it’s gay and honestly most of the actual plot and story and characters are just shit.

Date Added: 10/05/12


Name: D.C. III ~ Da Capo III ~

Subtitle: The “If I ever snap I’m pretty sure I’d serial kill cherry trees. GW Style” anime


Summary: Oh man an 8 year old, well in the VN you probably sleep with her. Oh man male protagonist waking up? CHARLES! WHAT IS HE DOING WITH CHARLES! If he makes no noise he’ll here you. No one is that dumb – wait anime.  Magic D?  Everlasting cherry blossom tree – CHAINSAW IT DOWN! They all suck – I hope they die.  We forgot we were watching this because we started talking about what’s wrong. Is she your sister? BE MORE AWARE OF YOUR TITS! We gave up.

Review: I think this might actually win for most template anime this season, a hard-fought victory indeed.

Date Added: 01/10/13


Name: gdgd Fairies

Subtitle: The “Giving up on shorts 2013” anime


Summary: Apologies this anime exists, and it’s not even anime. Dumb, this is a 2nd season? Nope all cg. God this sucks. Any anime that makes us think of Akikan is a bad anime. This was filmed in second life. I HATE EVERYTHING. Calling it, ending this shit.

Review: … Nope.avi

Date Added: 01/12/13


Name: GJ-bu

Subtitle: The “I forgot if we gave up or I just gave up commenting” anime


Summary: Dudes + crepes = gay. Not another tea club anime. MEAT. Tea, chess, and eating chicken club – sign me up. GENERIC INTRO. How many ditzy anime chars does it take to change a lightbulb. Destroyed. Super-virgin.  WAR GAMES! Just beat the world champion. EATING RAW NOODLES! BABY! DAT SPIDER!  Spider dangerous, spider poisonous, spider almost killed me. Bored. He’s superior. Jackie is reaching rage point.

Review: The only thing we enjoyed about this was the chick eating a fucken plate of meat in every scene she was in. Then I think we gave up, because that’s not a valid reason to animu.

Date Added: 01/12/13


Name: Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun

Subtitle: The “Even without subs looking through the last part sucked” anime


Summary: WE KNEW WE WERE FUCKED. OH JOKE SUBS! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! Another all dudes anime. This is X part 2 according to Jackie. I LOVE FROSTED FLAKES. BALLS! Your mom is so big. That bird is drunk and my dad. Fucken philly? Familial abuse – oh wait she likes it, and it was sexual. Sun pussy! Dead babies! HE  HAS 2??? Bad waffles. That would fuck up panckaes. He’s a saiyan. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. Stapler? Did they just give up? Well so do I.

Review: For a glorious 7 minutes there were joke subs – it was beautiful, and then they gave up and didn’t even bother subbing it – I can’t imagine why. I truly wish they continued as it would have made whatever this shithole was at least something enjoyable to watch; however even that couldn’t be a ray of hope in this season and shorts and suck.

Date Added: 01/08/13


Name: Inferno Cop

Subtitle: The “I always pay my taxes” anime

inferno cop

Summary: Lol it’s not animated, it’s carboard. I AM. THE LAW. Yo they pay taxes. WHAT THE SHIT. HOLY FLAMING SHIT. WHAT THE SHIT IS THIS? THIS ISN’T ANIME. BRNED. Sploosh.

Review: It’s like Ghost Rider was a cop. It’s nice to see the Gainax people doing something with their new Trigger studio, I just kinda wish it was you know – an anime?

Date Added: 01/05/13


Name: Ishida to Asakura

Subtitle: The “I was a walrus once, until I took a pencil to the head” anime


Summary: But they’d all be underage. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I am the walrus. He is literally a walrus, and not anymore. Man they all want him. YO BECOME A PORN STAR.

Review: Another short that again is just really not much to give a damn about. The main character is apparently so cool everyone loves him, and the art isn’t something that makes it remarkable as a short. In the end that’s my issue here – you have 2-5 minutes of anime a week to work with – use it. Show me some animation, or story in that time. I know it can be done – animes in the first 5 minutes can tell an entire story beautifully, why not here/

Date Added: 01/08/13


Name: Kotoura-san

Subtitle: The “Serious anime wax on, and wax off” anime


Summary: THE PLAGUE SHE HAS IT. READING MINDS! BITCH MIND YOUR PLACE. Then mom gets mad. Getting drunk. Cheating bitches. And child abuse, because she’s dead inside. Why would you taunt a mind reader? SKYYYYYYYY!!! KHANNNNNN!!!! MCLANNNNEEEEE!!!! GODDDD!!!! You mean this male protag—WHAT IN THE FUCK. SHIT JUST GOT WEIRD. Tricked out of a serious anime. REFUSED! Lol autism. God what a sperg. AHAHAHAHHA. AHAHHA. Whut an idiot. Ruined milk. Thee it is. AHAHAHA The lapdance is better if the stripper is crying.

Review: On one side this seemed like an emotional turmoil dealing with a chick who has mind-reading abilities. However it quickly turns into a goofy romcom with a club and highschool and friendship and a romance you know is going to happen, and it uses mind reading for ecchi thoughts and I want to stop writing that. Okay now to get real here – this is awful because it shows a glaring flaw in anime – that it’s possible, even good for an anime to be the first half of this episode all the way through, but that nobody will do that. Do you know why Space Brothers is so freaken good? Because unlike this it doesn’t have to devolve into moeblobhighschoolclubshit it can tell an actual fucken story. And yes animes certainly can tell very complex stories, and even ones that use a lot of common anime tropes – but why did they have to ruin this? I mean sure the comedy in the second half was funny, but it’s going to peeter out and I know it, the serious part though would have been nice, but alas anime is awful.

Date Added: 01/12/13


Name: Love Live! School Idol Project

Subtitle: The “Even implanted metal openings when drunk couldn’t sustain this” anime


Summary: WELCOME TO 3D IDOLS – AKB4008 part 2. Hyperdrive!! Is the correct song for the intro from Devin Townsend Addicted album. School’s closing. And then we had people read the subs in manly voice – it made it marginally better. Freddie from Cromartie?  This is BORING. Jesus Christ this is boring.

Review: We tried, we were drunk, we put metal over the opening, and still this idol anime sucked ass – what more do you want us to do Japan? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US? WHAT DID WE DO TO DESERVE THIS!

Date Added: 01/10/13


Name: Mangirl

Subtitle: The “Don’t judge by the title, judge by the shitty shitty anime” anime


Summary: Wow the animation quality is pretty low, did Japan run out of anime. I bet they all have dicks. So Bakuman for idiots. White Autumn, which I assume is jizz. Easting out? This isn’t fansubs. Lame. Wait they just failed, you just rewrote that. So no lady boys at all? Not sure if that makes this anime worse or not.. Wtf.

Review: I’m fine with shorts, but this is basically a 4 girl anime short about starting a magazine. I hated pretty much every part of that sentence. Granted going into this with a title like mangirl I expected something far worse. Alas it’s simply a combo of manga and girl. Japan seems to not be able to get anything right. And considering this 3 minutes of supposed quality animation Japan getting anything right seems far off.

Date Added: 01/05/13


Name: Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

Subtitle: The “And the lord of demons shall lie with a body pillow” anime


Summary: Gnarly dragon beard. DEMONS! Sequel? Sweet backgrounds. 1-armed maid. GRAMPS YOU’RE DABEST. Tits the ultimate stopper of heroes. Rollin her tits. Waiting for him – really. She just claimed your D. All the Yuki Nagato clones will they have. REAL POLITIK. Love that early? Well played war. WAR HAS CHANGED. Are they getting boobs in return. Animus lamp. BALLS! Dudes an assassin. Gramps is typical old guy then. ROMANCE. GAINAXING! MYSELF! GET IT IN! SHE WANTS THE D. GREAT TRACKS OF LAND. Lacking for exterior – how. NO ONE CARE ABOUT THE FLAB THERE. Virgin slut time! I know. WUT THE FUCK. Medieval body pillow. I liked the horns…

Review: I was bored with this anime the second I realized what it was, which is just another boring fantasy anime. The issue is that you can make better fantasy anime than this, but most of the time people don’t. They try to pretend it’s better with their political bullshit in the forefront, but it’s just awful. I can only find apathy for this anime.

Date Added: 01/05/13


Name: Minami-ke Tadaima

Subtitle: The “Hosaka is the best – now with cabbage” anime


Summary: I AM BOSS! Man it’s like a dryer. Suck it. The intro chibis show again. Why does Hosaka have napa cabbage.  WHO CARES HE’S DABEST. Retard. Why I didn’t notice you. PUPPY DOG EYES! Denied. Donuts teaching people lessions. Lol I just had a good shit. PAYBACK.  Why is the bad version older? There’s the poor bastard they make dress as a girl. How is he okay with letting the little sister sit on him when likes the older one? TABLE FLIPPING! Pan slower… I did not expect much. DEAL WITH IT.

Review: Overall the quality seems high, and overall it’s funny, but there’s no standout gags. The kind of things like in season 1 or something like Nichijou where for the following week you’d bring the gag up. Who knows though, seems enjoyable.

Date Added: 01/08/13


Name: Mondai-Ji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?

Subtitle: The “Well this anime is over” anime


Summary: Gangs. Why would they strip him – WHOA. This better not be a baseball anime. Letter from above! So geass. Clearly this is an rpg and she’s a white mage. Would you prefer bitch. WATCH YOURSELF BITCH! Bunny tits. Ninja shit? YOU THINK THIS IS A GAME! War gods? Boring game, boring anime. Clearly an arrow dick.   I FUCKEN SAID GEASS! BREAKING THE RULES  BREAKING THE RULES. Oh shit. Lots of races, and they all fuck each other. And now he fights a god. You’re not Tomoyo… Well he just beat a god, guess it’s over. The cat is flirting. Autistic Aquaman-girl.

Review: Dear shounen anime – when you make it seem like your main char just beat an elemental god without breaking a sweat how do you expect me to keep watching? I mean sure there will always be a bigger god, but your d-bag just punched out cthulhu in the first episode (note not actually cthulhu or a cthulhu in the form of a girl – which I LOATHE that I have to clarify that because – anime.). Also the show is dumb.

Date Added: 01/12/13


Name: Nekomonogatari: Kuro



Summary: BLOOD! Got the still beating heart. Crowbar. Really updating the yandere…  Oh intro – SO ARTSY. Whoa. Talking dog. At least they’re adding motion to uncessary cells. Oh prequel to bakemonogatari. LOLOL fucken leaves. Boring love talk. Weird anime face 2013. There’s that thing. So these boobs are in-fact palmable? HE JUST DID IT? SEXUAL FRUSTRATION! What is a James Bond phenmonenon. Porn solving all the problems. ALL THE SWEAT. Then that scene.  Asking for love advice from topless sister? THIS IS HOW WE MAKE ME’S AND YOU’S. Did he just? Lol skirt flipping. Well yeah they’re a family. Step-family. No you just ground them. HU- WHO AM I! Lick a hole under the bandage. HE’S GOT THE HIV!

Review: It’s Shaft, what did you expect me to write here? Well you’re wrong – because BONERS BONERS BONERS BONERS BONERS BONERS BONERS BONERS BONERS

Date Added: 01/05/13


Name: Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru

Subtitle: The “[Insert generic subtitle here]” anime


Summary: FIGHTING DREAMER! He knows his previous life? There was a dragon, and then bubblegum. RINGRINGRING BANAPHONE. IT. WAS. A. DREAM. Fucken dammit. I’m the man! JAPANESE. She just wants the D meat. He’s a med school student he has to focus. GET ALL THE GUYS! Because you’re all horny teenagers. Beautifican;. She wants your D. Man what a good kid – INB4 harem ruins him. Called it. I’m BURNING FOR YOU! Okay? And then the pretend relationship became real. INB4 Blackmail.

Review: Another template anime where you know exactly what’s going to happen. At this stage you know that this is anime’s war shooters, its romantic comedy movies, its mystery novels. You can skip right past this anime and the world, and yourself would be better off.

Date Added: 01/08/13


Name: Puchimas! Petit iDOLM@STER

Subtitle: The “Idols = DA WORST” anime


Summary: Fucken Idolmaster fuck this bullshit

Review: This was a short, I didn’t even finish watching it. That bad.

Date Added: 01/01/13


Name: Sasami-san@Ganbaranai

Subtitle: The “Further proof that Shaft is not Midas” anime


Summary: Lazy. Your brother is a briefcase. Really… This is wrong. Even if he is bucketman. Very good at walking and doing shit. Ow that music hurts. Random edo shrine shit. Okay… Brother surveillance? Then suddenly a very odd frog. Very good reasons to be a frog. That escalated. Well I guess she’s getting dressed to go, and there it is. Okay.. She just can’t go out, she wants to bone her brother, and she’s got —- I don’t. What the crap. This is just so dumb. And then it turned into something. Then some artsy fight scenes. BOOB LAUNCHERS. So it’s another Madoka where it’s boring shit for 90% of the time, and 10% is cool fight scenes. Then copy the world. I…………. CAN’T………………. EVEN…………….. Falcon Knee. BAT! This is the police – wtf.

Review: You know what the issue here is? If this was just a short, that  just started with the chocolate covering the city, and didn’t have 16 minutes of bullshit brother/sister complex shit, that it didn’t go out of the way to make you hate all the characters, that it just focused on bitchin scenes then I would be splooging all over this. Instead I might not even watch it. This truly is a testament to Shaft though, a challenge to get enough artsy fartsy and great animation into an anime when the story sucks ass. I don’t mean there’s no story. I mean it sucks the ass of a diseased hooker from New Jersey’s underground tunnels of mole-hookers.

Date Added: 01/12/13


Name: Senran Kagura

Subtitle: The “BOOBS. That is all.” anime


Summary: The 90’s with boobs and ninjas in the city. What did you grab? Dat scroll. Gave up their youth to be ninjas. Of course you want to titfuck the blonde one. Cheesecake scenes. She just doesn’t close the shirt. Don’t flout your strength, I mean tits. Jackie is shipping every char with every char. Gainaxing. Ninja school? Just shaking those things. Then why are you in ninja school. Tits fights. AHAHAHAHA. NO! Gangs  WHUT! Frump butt. BACKSTABBING! Battle sphere. Her transformation is to unbutton her shirt. What the boobsSWORDS! BEST DRUMMER EVER IN THE WORLD.

Review: We were actually complaining last week how these kinds of animes just aren’t around enough, you either get loli shit, highschool shit, or you get Queen’s Blade shit – which. Ugh. But no here’s a wholesome show that’s just about chicks in ninja outfits – to varying degrees of course. And they’ve just got a bunch of tits. However the internet in its infinite fuckery has more pages of porn between the pink and white haired bitch, which shows that otaku just want the lolis as much as they can. (Research provided by LeeHK, and fuck doing MLA shit) that’s sad, so sad. Man – weeaboos are the worst.

Date Added: 01/12/13


Name: Senyu

Subtitle: The “A.S.S – Another shit short” anime


Summary: Wtf slime, and then piracy warning from subbers…  Lol slime fetish… gross… it’s his waifu? Lol gag fantasy anime – nice. AHAHAHAH. Lol king on the crown in case you forget, lolwut. Wtf? Probable descendants? That giraffe is killing him. Help you? What.

Review: Hurr rpg shit and comedy – oh for fucks sake I’m tired of this.

Date Added: 01/10/13


Name: Tamako Market

Subtitle: The “INB4 K-On char crossover” anime


Summary: K-On – I thought it was over? NOOOO! He was refrigerated? Chicken face fuckers? SEXY BIRDY! GET OFF ME! Dickhole bird. DAD! Lol carrying the bird. HAHA. Sassy gay bird. Kill it. DAD! Birds get in free. DEAD! She just throws it! Boring… HEAD ON apply directly to the head. Technics 1200 and jellyfish. Dat strutting bird. Coffee  must be bitter! He got so fat. HE CAN’T FLY, he’s too fat! Then he just hit the chick he likes. LOLOLOLOLOLOL. LAZERS!!!!!!!!!

Review: Let’s see how far KyoAni can carry a show with a talking bird being the only thing that makes the show watchable. And go.

Date Added: 01/12/13


Name: Vividred Operation

Subtitle: The “Look up, look down, your grandpa is now a ferret. Anything is possible when you animu” anime


Summary: That’s unproportionally tall.  The wind up there has to be really high. Butts the anime? Wear some clothes. Wank-O! OH MAN. That’s not a glomp, IS THAT MAYO? What is a color spectrometer – Lee: That’s redundant. Pingu fucken Disgaea? DEAD. Special state of emergency, call Nerv. BORED! To young to be at spaceport. SEVEN YEARS AGO. You’re not eva, fuck off. Damn he dead. THAT MAKES NO SENSE. And Lee did not take me up on Negima level bet. Is that cryogenic? EVEN THEN HE’D BE DEAD! SECOND IMPACT! HURR! DEAD. Physics makes you dead. BULLSHIT. THIS. IS. DUMB. WHAT IS THAT – godfucken magic. Docking lesbians.

Review: Like you know what I wish someone would do? Have this anime, but then when that chick gets into the mech thing some old guy comes in and punches the loli in the face to take the mech, and then has seizure fits over high schools – destroying them. We may have suggested this before, and you know why? BECAUSE FUCK THIS ANIME. Everything about it is garbage, the dumb characters, the grandpa ferret situation, the stupid science, the what the shit aliens, the wannabee Nerv aspects. The worst part though, the part that I just can’t stand is this: All the girls in this anime are very underage – AND HAVE AN AVERSION TO PANTS. It’s basically all bootyshorts on little girls 24/7 up in this bitch – and fuck that noise. This isn’t pandering it’s degrading. This is the thing that takes the entirety of the anime genre down a notch. This is basically Battlefield Earth to anime – and that’s sickening.

Date Added: 01/19/13


Name: Yama no Susume

Subtitle: The “Hey we should go climb a mountain” anime


Summary: FUCKEN ANOTHER short. Weird 3d shit. I can’t deal with people, but I can buy things. Lesbian hiking! AHAHA she broke a leg. What a douchebag.

Review: Fucken lesbians and hiking.

Date Added: 01/05/13


Name: Zetta Karen Children : The Unlimited – Hyoubu Kyousuke

Subtitle: The “Dicks. That is all.” anime


Summary: ALL THE BUTT FUCKEN. Killing all the dudes. CHAOS EMERALDS. Then nerd fight. All the cigarettes.  Then gay porn prison buttsecks. I AM BOSS! All the buttsex. What an asshole poisoning his friend. Antidote?  What was that just now?! Killing all the things. There’s the 10 year old. Only got 1 big arm. Scryed? Lol hitler? Ew. Racist. We’ll be doing one thing, and one thing only – killing Nazis. Then the teasing of his dick began. Your ship is catastrophe?  All according to keikaku.

Review: Gentlemen we have Senren Kagura, ladies you get convoluted butt stuff here. If you’re into that I guess than feel free.

Date Added: 01/12/13


End of to be Subbed/Reviewed list:

Here’s my issue of the releases this season 1/3 were shorts, and of those shorts only 2 were good. Now here’s my issue – I you are going to do less anime, at least make what you do fantastic, but no just like the other 20 or so anime most things suck, and once again we get a winter season where there’s nothing to get excited about. (Ignore Nekomonogatari as it’s an OVA that’s all out already), meaning that at the end of every week I don’t have anything to get hype to watch – sure there’s a couple good things to watch like – I can’t even list things here. I’m watching Kotoura to see if it gets dark, Senran because of boobs, and Ai Mai Mi because lol. There’s my standard fare of mediocre that I’ll watch because I’m me, but all I can recommend is doing this anime bear style – by hibernating the fuck out of winter.


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