Double Flat Tabscale

This is simply a doubled up ver. of Flat TabScale and since it is reversible it qualifies as a double of Flat TabScale Reverse This uses 16 ga 5/16 AR 5.2 Bright Aluminum Rings I purchase mine from TheRingLord, but as long as they are 5/16 and 14-18 ga any ring should work fine. I chose Bright Aluminum to match properly with the aluminum can tabs. This is a much later designed weave thought of long after the original Flat TabScale due to the need for a different ring size. I’ve actually had this one around for a while as part of my ‘sample’ scarf which is a collection of the different weaves I have, when I realized I had not tutorial about it.

  • Difficulty: 2/5 – While the idea is the same this does take a bit longer to make.
  • Flexibility: 4/5 – It doesn’t bend as nicely, but it feels a lot more stable
  • Tabs per sq. ft: ~800
  • Rings per sq. ft: ~300

1. Since this is more advanced I’m going to assume you’ve done regular Flat TabScale or will follow those directions but using the below references to make it Double Flat TabScale. To begin lay the tabs out, and make your first connection.


2. Then lay another back to back set below the current and connect the 8 tabs.


3. Then we head out horizontally. often it’s easiest to connection the ‘upper’ part as it’s more tabs.


4. Then continue out for however long a swatch you want.


5. To go vertically it’s very similar to step 2.


6. Then going out horizontally it’s just a single connection now.


7. Then it’s going out for however long you want vertically.


8. And if you flip it over, it’s look is like Flat Tabscale (Reverse)


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