Fall 2009 Anime Season Reviews/First Impressions [Complete]

Oh hi guys it’s me that dude who watches all the anime. I heard you like some reviews. So I’ve decided to start reviewing bad anime because fuck I was doing it anyway. Sorry about lateness, but watching/reviewing this season hurt. Why you ask? Well here’s an accurate way to sum up this season.


Exactly This.

Right so let’s get this started this is pretty long because I’ve reviewed everything this season. (All for your health and my lack of sanity and moral choices). Enjoy.


11 Eyes-(The let’s start a generic anime battle anime)


Summary: A school life anime with a twist that hasn’t been done to death. Like oh hey an annoying male friend char whose perverted. THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED THAT’S SO COOL AND ORIGINAL. Something bizarre happened oh no… Holy crap that eye patched eye has some power. Oh hey I love persona’s dark hour. Weird monsters how surprising. Oh look it returned to normal totally unexpected. Oh hey they think things are fine but some dood is watching them, that never happens. Oh my! A mysterious transfer student what a twist. Oh wow a random lonely character realizing something that’s like the freshest way to foreshadow. You know I bet something happens again and the episode ends on a cliffhanger. Oh look lovie dovie everything’s a ok. And bam there it is omg look were so dark and cool.

Review: Just, just leave me alone, let me remember the days in which anime was good.

Worth Watching?: No.


Aoi Bungaku-(The why was this highly hyped anime?)


Summary: Horror Series? I love 30′s Music. Kick that cat. Wow most staged revolt meeting ever. You just got conned sucker. What can you do with big dresses? Hide people. This is a weird show. Ok women beating and sex. Oh god how do the ashes not burn you. They’re ashamed of being alive, time for some double suicide then. Oh god there actually doing it. Taking some pills and jumping off a cliff. And he pushed her right off, and now he’s going to chicken out. Or not, though he lived anyway. And main char starts tripping.

Review: I can see the quality and story they try to do but in the end this is just boring.

Worth Watching?: Maybe it could get better.


Armed Librarians Book of Bantorra-(The I just want a crazy old librarian that shoots people anime)


Summary: Oh hey tits. Oh hey a good opening animation ruined once again by Alie project. Church of drowning in gods? That’s not a super power it’s a shotgun I mean yeah end justifies means but really? Oh hey the ship blew up, that sucks. Oh hey wet tits and British dudes. So you know I’ve been debating for the past 13 minutes if he’s the main character. Oh yup he is. Tea Time everyone’s British and by everyone I mean I want top gear season 14. The sword it laughs at you. The faggot returns to fuck up the main char. Kill Hamyuts Meseta. Over.

Review: I wish this was good, I really do. Ever since the title for Library Wars came out I was psyched because I was like that’s a good concept I really like that. Sadly though Library Wars was boring, and had a complete lack of war. This however seems to be the generic pirate esque anime where they have to find something. It comes complete with storyline you don’t much care for, a tits character, some androgynous chars, crazy organizations,  fake emotions of morality and such, and some whatever bad guys.

Worth Watching: I’ll keep watching but if you’re getting your hopes up for something good don’t even give it the satisfaction of disappointing you.


Asura Cryin EX-(The this needs to be killed with fire series)


Summary: God this series will suck, just like the first. Okay I’m a completion-ist and I suffered the first series but you know what if this doesn’t give me reason I will end this review and watching at 5 minutes. 1 down. 2 Down. 3 Down. 4 Down. And nope you done.

Review: See above.

Worth Watching?: See above.


Darker Than Black 2 Meteor of Gemini-(The please be good anime)


Summary: Oh shit its 2012 time for some meteors. Trying to talk a Russian out of smoking is impossible. Aww love confessions. Random school life stuff? And then there’s some squirrel covering tits action? Oh hey guess what that chick who was so in love yesterday became a contractor. So since someone became a contractor govt pulls some MIB stuff to erase memories. Oh shit they shot the squirrel. Ok by erase memories I meant they just shoot everything. Main char uses twin powers so she can run away. Oh hey time for Li to kill some parents. Fight time go. Lol unnecessary boob jiggle. Rods from god? Yes finally Li shows up.

Review: Ok I will admit I anticipated this and so far it isn’t bad, I wouldn’t say it’s good. It’s Darker Than Black and I assume the same thing will happen from when I first watched it. I may enjoy it and I will try to think of how close it is to being a great anime only to sit back and realize that despite the obvious high production quality it’s just not worth writing home about as a recommendation. In this season is it good, would I say the same 5 years from now? Not a chance.

Worth Watching?: Probably one of the better this season, though you should watch the first season.


Fairy Tail-(The hey get into this before it eclipses One Piece in length anime)


Summary: Oh god so shounen it hurts. Okay you know the guy who did Rave Master? Yeah this is his second series. Hmm some well known voice talents guess they figured if they we’re doing something this season might as well be a decent anime. Ok so we’ve got main char his talking thing, oh hey a tits filled possible love interest after treasure, and hey a fabulous magician all roads point to him being a fake and the main char finds out. Oh wow I was right. Oh hey main char eats all the things. Oh hey shounen bad guys. Enter main char for his badass moment. Oh hey the main char is from the famous guild what a surprise. Ok he just ate the fire?? He defeats the bad guy. This totally isn’t shounen at all.

Review: It’s a shounen anime, not that it’s a problem I mean I like shounen but like the subtitle says this will probably be a long series. I would recommend it though it seems to be the same guy behind Rave Master which while being a long shounen I still recommend. If you’re put off by shounen or don’t want to be committed to a series over 50 episodes though than this is not for you.

Worth Watching?: Yes actually <–“GASP”


Inuyasha: The Final Act-(Final Act? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL)


Summary: Listen I said I would review everything regardless. Doesn’t mean I was going to watch it. Inuyasha Still Sucks. Surprise.

Review: It’s like DBZ for girls.

Worth Watching?: Only if you apply sharpened pencils to your eye first.


Kampfer-(The Gender Bending Harem Anime)


Summary: Alright some gun and run between two harem characters and you’re dead. And the opening is already angering me about the series. Oh hey this doesn’t seem like terrible generic harem anime #345 at all. This looks so original. Oh no destined chicks who are forced to fight. And the main char has turned into a girl and there’s talking plushies… So how do you make a series better? Have the main hero bend genders right? No. That’s it every time they do something wrong I’ll write no. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. It’s German You Retard. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. Fuck No. I. Hate. My. Life. No. Shoot. Him. End. This. No. No. No. And even the ending is leaving me in rage.

Review: Just so you know there were 6 more lines of no but the review was too long so I had to delete some. Not kidding. I’m not going to mince words here as you can tell, but this is the worst show this season, and is actually contending for all time. I’m not sure about this but you may have heard about an anime called Ikkitousen. Ikkitousen was a bad anime but it was okay in our minds because it had rocking guitars, exploding clothes, tons of fights, and tits everywhere. Since then a fair amount of animes have tried the battling girl’s genre and for the most part they all suck. See they kept the parts from Ikkitousen about tits and no storyline but in reality they sort of take themselves a bit too seriously. Its here we end up with Kampfer a harem anime fighter where the main character turns into a girl to fight things. No.

Worth Watching?: No. No. No. No. No.


Kiddy Grade 2-(The Kiddy Girl And sounds dumb anime)


Summary: Alright I love black holes. Ok? This seems dumb. No series wouldn’t be complete without a tranny. Oh great bloomers. This is dumb. For a tranny he sure cares a lot about what chicks are wearing under skirts. Oh hey a scene in which the main char lost her panties. Wow. So. Original. Who thought this was a good idea? Ok…??? So old guys become young guys then become zakus?? Is it bad I hope they kill everyone? Oh hey main char is superhuman totally wasn’t expecting that. He’s going to summon the beast. Yeah this is totally dumb. Thank you subbers for making it say oh no my ass is fully exposed. I understand you think it’s dumb too. Oh shit dragons with swords. Cue Dragonforce OST.

Review: This whole season is littered with sequels that don’t need to exist. Q.E.D.

Worth Watching?: I’m running out of creative ways to say no.


Kimi ni Todoke-(The shameless love story that John eats up anime)


Summary: Alright blatant shoujo, I’m fine with that. Oh so basically there’s a chick that is like the chick from the ring, she wants to make friends but she’s creepy as hell. Hence love story will ensue with her falling in love with people despite all this. Why is the blackboard white edged? Oh wait shoujo filter. Heh the idealized main char is so good simply because he’s actually not a douche Oh god the shoujo filters are everywhere. Aww she tells the other girls she cant see ghosts and she’s sorry she can’t, and there like daww friends. So it appears like the chick are dicks by making her scare people. Daww guy likes her how cute. The class tries to force ring chick to date the guy and he’s like eff that noise, but only because he’s like that’s rude. There she goes sacrificing herself to save the guys reputation. Begin tears, and here we go the guy shows up to be like hey I love you. Too bad her self esteem is so low she doesn’t realize it.

Review: This is shoujo, it’s good shoujo though. Honestly if you like romance animes than this will be enjoyable. I’m sorry the whole romance issues, character growth and stuff are just things I like. It’s not Toradora level romance it’s more Lovely Complex, Skip Beat romance. Is the end obvious? Yes. There’s nothing special about this, but it’s still good.

Worth Watching?: If you like shoujo yes. If you’re not cool with admitting you have no balls probably not.


Kobato-(The star crossed lovers lanky character anime)


Summary: Hmm I recognize the art style of this, not sure where I’ve seen it before though… (JK) Angry dog has hyperfirebeam? So the dog is the best part of the show, because the main char is retarded. Oh shit crows. Ef sky? Yes. Angry dog is so good. Aww and here’s the lanky androgynous guy – I didn’t want this. Yeah you throw like a girl. MUSIC MONTAGE! Okay 3 minutes have gone by and the dog hasn’t murdered anyone what’s up with that? The outlines they are so thick. No it’s death. It does not taste good. Dancing bunny? Oh here we go she’s going to sing. Cock… MANLY RICE EATING! MAID GUY DOG! Today’s Experiment… Failed. Ok when the dog says failed stop watching.

Review: I still don’t know what the art style reminds me of – it’s on the tip of my tongue (Again JK). Okay this looks like it could be one of the better animes this season, a clamp anime. Let that sink in. From watching the first episode we already know what’s going to happen and how it will end. It’s simply another permutation of star crossed lovers and fantastical elements and love and hope and such. The best part of the show is the dynamic between the ditzy main character and the angry dog. Yes a stuffed talking dog is one of the better things this season. I know you think I’m probably grasping at straws now to find something of this season with value but at least this seems like a fairly okay series.

Worth Watching?: If you’re going to watch something this season yeah pick this up and give it a whirl.


Letter Bee-(The dammit I was hoping this was good anime)


Summary: Oh hey I heard 07 Ghost ended and there was a lack of fabulous. Oh good Letter Bee is here, alright glad I can get my bishies and terrible anime out of something not Miracle Train. A mail anime? So another basic standard journey anime, where in the end some crazy revelation happens but the real story is the journey along the way as the characters grow close to one another an learn valuable lessons and bullshit. It’s trying so hard to be good. Oh hey the kid has powers no shit. Yeah the whole gun that shoots a bit of your heart? Gay. Oh shit here come some monsters. Some flashbacks, and there we go at least he can kill shit.

Review: It’s just does nothing of any value worth noting.

Worth Watching?: No.


Miracle Train-(The I hate Japan anime)


Summary, Review, Worth Watching?: Haha yeah you know what normally I would review/watch this for lulz. But I can’t even bring myself to do that. Seriously just read what it’s about. It’s personifying the train lines of japan as hot bishie men. AVOID.


Natsu no Arashi 2-(The we need more Shaft anime)


Summary: Alright first off know this review is biased (unlike the others) I like this anime I’m not sure why chalk it up to odd comedy or because shaft did it. I would like some salt too. Ok watching this in first 5 minutes you can see why I like this anime. Stupid comedy and shaft style. Noobs. Oh yeah random background music? Wtf? Yes! Salt Please! Swimsuit time. YESSSSSSSSSSSS! Zetsubou is able to be in any series. Okay you know what, this still bugs me, if you have so many problems hiding your gender and no real reason too just stop hiding it. Real beach? And drowned. Lol Ranma. Sea Cucumber! Take that motorcycle dood.

Review: Listen it’s a good little series, not great, not hilarious, but it’s funny it’s cute and goddammit in this season of monsoon-ing diarrhea I’m glad it’s here to give me something to watch.

Worth Watching?: If you like shaft or have seen the first season yes, otherwise pick it up, it’s worth 20 minutes of your time.


Nogizaka 2 Purezzawhateverthefuckitis -(The Riddle me this anime companies why do you suck? Series)


Summary: Fluff. Fluff. No Point. Romance. No Point. No Point. Romance. I swear if the first ep really degrades to an onsen episode I will quit this. I don’t care about the previous season. Well fuck guess I’m quitting this shit, you get your review but I can’t do this. Oh great they added an unnecessary loli. See this is why I quit shit. Oh hey look a drunken guy. At least he gets that being sober for this series is dumb. Oh great the loli has a dokuro chan bat, isn’t that cute and funny. God I hate everything. Wow censors much? Like 5/6 of the screen is white? Wtf really anime companies just make a good series like Bakemonogatari if it’s good it sells more than this god I hope the censors make them want the tits version.

Review: This is shit. I’m sorry but you making the screen censored as hell does not entice me to be like oh I want the version showing nudity man. No I’m sorry I’m not here for that, I can just go watch some porn thank you, I’d like however if you know I could get a good series? Kthxbai

Worth Watching?: Go watch an eggshell white wall. More entertaining and better storyline.


Nyan Koi!-(The Eddie McDowd cat anime ripoff)


Summary: Oh gawd it’s a cat. It’s a talking cat. Ok so gg labeled this as MewWuv as a joke and I raged because I didn’t think they were joking. Lol I speak cat. You wonder why the other chars are ignoring you Mr. Hero? It’s because you’re dumb. And then there’s this faggot who’s like skeet skeet I’m a monk who worships cats. The premise is do 100 good deeds or become a cat. I want to meet the man who given that premise decides make a series out of that. Lol the chick is manlier than you, suck a dick. Yakuza Nabeshin? Oh hey the heroine loves cats. So funny haha– This series = DUMB. Next.

Review: Right so another run of the mill stupid series. This time using cats a method of keeping people interested. You can surmise the premise/whole anime from above and it’s just like why? There’s no drama here, this isn’t funny, it isn’t moe, it’s like you walk up to the creators but instead of raging as to why they made this you just go why did you even try? Even with generic titles outside of this you can sort of tell why they made it. (They had something they thought was a good storyline, tried to do romance/comedy.) But with this you feel one of the worst things an anime can make you feel – complete and utter boredom.

Worth Watching?: Why bother? What’s the point? Nothing is worth getting involved in.


Queen’s Blade 2-(The Underrated Show of the Season)


Summary: Hmm so it starts off giving a fair summary of the first very successful season. Well that’s an interesting plot twist. It’s nice to see the animation and storytelling from the first season haven’t degraded. So there are the bits with Naneal while over time checking in on the other characters. Some appropriate flashbacks, it’s unfortunate but I suppose it’s expected for a second season. It would seem the first half is dedicated to catching up with all the characters. Hmm it seems they still have the ability to balance comedy and drama. Foreshadowing! Wow it seems they’ve decided to be bolder this season. Shit in fact did just get real. Alright epic fight time. Some dark plots, and over. Well so far so good. Can’t wait for next week.

Review: This may in fact be one of the saving graces of this season. Continuing off from the very successful previous queen’s blade this leaves almost nothing to the imagination of how epic it shall be. Normally I’m not a sucker for battle animes (see Kampfer) but this does one thing terribly well and that’s storyline. Its complexities and balance of revealed and foreshadowed drama make the watch terribly enjoyable. The first episode was a little redundant but towards the end you can see that now that we’re all caught up it’s going to be a wild ride. Queen’s Blade is just good story good art perhaps there could be a bit more fan service with the fact that it’s a bunch of chicks fighting but considering the formula they have now works I say don’t mess with it.

Worth Watching?: Definitely it’s probably one of the more intelligent, and most fun to watch show this season, and I mean that.


Sasameki Koto-(The Maria Holic S2 please? Anime)


Summary: Oh great another lesbian series. I was hoping with the piano there would be some murder brutal anime but no. Maybe this lesbian anime will be good? Doubt it. YAKISOBA BREAD! Why can’t girls love each other? Because this is a lesbian anime where you don’t think it’s possible so it’s like omg when it happens. Wow so all girls school kick you out if you blatantly say you’re lesbian? No shit. Oh shit bitch said you aren’t cute. Read a book, read a book, read a mother- Why am I yawning so much. Oh wait. High KICK! Take that box. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… Oh crap crying woke me up, right I was reviewing this. Don’t worry though nothing else happened, or will happen.

Review: It’s like if you think about what anime that was about lesbians was good? Maria Holic, and that’s it. Yet people are still making these lesbian dramas and there worth seems to be good as a pillow because they’re boring as fuck

Worth Watching?: If you need to take a power nap, go right ahead.


Seitokai no Ichizon-(The nobody likes reference animu anime)


Summary: Oh uhm creators – nobody likes overt meta fiction. Nobody. Did they just? Yes they did. Dear god I’m angry before the opening. Just so you know I’ve overlaid a Justice song to make this opening better. It’s not working. The main character has an eroge based brain… No! Hey! You are not allowed to rip off Higurashi art style you suck – cut it out. Fuck you. Oh hey it says they want to do something new. HA! Thank you gg for calling him a fag. Yes give him a bad end, I want school days 2 so bad. I didn’t want you to get an anime either. He’s just such a dick, can someone kill him. YEAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Quality Animation. WTF? Ok so this anime is about nothing they’re making shit up as they go – the creators that is.

Review: Okay I’m going to go out on a limb here first off, I actually liked Lucky Star, I know it’s another anime that is moe fodder and basically just terrible. The part I liked was the mindless chatter about random things; the references were kinda of meh and worth ignoring. Seitokai tries I suppose to bank off the success of Lucky Star using just the reverences parts (K-On just used the moe parts) and what we are left with are two terrible terrible animes. The combined was decent because it worked within the series; K-on was successful because Japan eats that shit up despite it being terrible. As for Seitokai I just don’t know or care for that matter. Now I know the thought forming is well if you hate animes that reference others that what about Zetsubou Sensei. To which I counter saying but Zetsubou is satirical and above all funny in execution, secondly Shaft touched it so its gold.

Worth Watching?: I guess you could, but there is American TV and Top Gear this season so why would you?


Shin Koihime Musou-(The die romance of the 3 kingdoms die anime)


Summary: …

Review: There were loli yuri’s masquerading as romance of the three kingdoms. I did not approve and ragequittted. I was barely able to stand a first season and it being released this season no fuck it, I’m not doing this shit.

Worth Watching?: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.


Sora no Otoshimono-(The ToLoveRu was awesome I wanted more of that right? Anime)


Summary: Oh hey a childhood friend waking up main char and he’s got morning wood. God this is the start of hell, I swear. Blah school life. Enter angel? See I was okay with this but now I know what’s going on. The angel is like oh hey random human you’re my master then cue random terrible harem anime that thinks the little twist it has makes it interesting. Oh hey it’s a sex angel. That can make anything, including money. And he uses the god powers of the angel to run around naked doing whatever, and by whatever I mean he’s a douche. Begin angel stripping. Oh shit he wished for world domination so to give it to him the angel erased all of humanity. Now you fucked up. Angel suicide? Of course in the end it’s all fixed, who needs consequences.

Review: This anime has a bit where panties take flight into the air like a flock of ducks migrating south. In the end that’s all you need to know to judge this. It’s shit covered shit surrounded by shit bricks mortared together by shit. This here, this is what’s wrong with anime. It’s not the utter terribleness of Kampfer, the lackluster Nyan Koi, or the demeaning Seitokai; it’s this here this terrible excuse for an anime that if I was an editor would have involved me throwing the script down the writers mouth so far he start peeing out of his armpits, and eats through his eyesockets.

Worth Watching?: If you’re the most dumbest retarded person you might NEVER WATCH THIS.


The Sacred Blacksmith-(The when was the last good fantasy anime)


Summary: So deciding to set itself apart from Generic School Life Harem anime #876 we have Generic Fantasy Anime # 201. Alright main heroine is some knight person. And then there’s that guy, some crazy mofo just messing stuff up. Where is my salvation!!! Oh she’s a knight guard but she sucks. Lol. And your sword breaks, you lose. Alright time from random hero samurai to show up and save the goddamn day. Hero has a personal loli good for him. Listen your sword sucks give up on fixing it. Alright she goes to sword guy’s house. Awkward Balloon anyone? So hero makes sword and heroine wants an unbreakable sword. She also wants his cock. Ahh shi- dire wolves. So the samurai kicks ass and makes badass katanas. As such the heroine is…useless. Oh hey the giant monster from before the opening. Oh so he can make swords magically that’s kind of cool but I’m going to call illegal moves as to him being a blacksmith.

Review: Generic. That’s it. There really is nothing to add, it’s just generic in all matters. The thing is that most people say well because you’ve seen a lot it just seems generic but that’s not true even if you’ve seen  like 3 or 4 titles you can just tell that this one is just horribly generic, that there is really nothing here that’s just so important or interesting that it’s worth watching.

Worth Watching?: Just don’t.


To Aru Kagaku no Railgun-(The why isn’t Touma punching things anime)


Summary: Biri Biri. Biri Biri. Biri Biri. Classy Hatman. Yuri School. Biri Biri. And totally unnecessary loli bathing scenes. And then there’s that. A loli lesbian grabbing another loli’s chest. Biri Biri. Biri Biri. Biri Biri. And the lesbian has dastardly plans to rape Biri Biri. Biri Biri. I actually forgot her real name by the way. Oh they say it’s Misaka. And by it’s Misaka I mean its Biri Biri. Biri Biri. Angry Biri Biri. Zetsubou Biri Biri.WTF Boom! Biri Biri. Kick to the face. Oh shit pissed off Biri Biri.  The wheel of fate is turning. Car vs Biri Biri. Rebel 1. Action! Biri Biri. Biri Biri. Biri Biri. Biri Biri. Biri Biri.

Review: You see this is a spin-off, now sadly that means the score and bar are already set low. Yet prepared for a limbo dancer from hell they just keep setting the bar lower and lower. Note this is a first episode – not a ten episode in hot tub episode but the premiere and a loli is naked groping another loli. Why? Like why does this happen? Why does this series exist? Thankfully I have the answer, you see To Aru Majuutsu no index (series this spun off from) was fairly decent yes it had loli’s. But it had some campy humor, and the best part was the main character punching things in the face, because that’s how he solved problems. Despite the lengthy speeches and infinite running he needed to pull this off it was a very good part of the show. So now that he isn’t the main character we don’t see that and all we are left with is the decrepit shell of terrible anime.

Worth Watching?: I assume Index fans will watch maybe because they feel obligated, but just no.


Trapeze-(The dude I just took enough LSD to fill a pool anime?)


Summary: Japanese mutha fucka do you speak it? Cue classical music. Aww shit. Punch to the face. I love LSD. Oh shi- Pyramid Head. Nope Alice in Wonderland. So many drugs. Dude don’t fall asleep otherwise your mom throws away you’re gundams. WTF!! Doctor.So best thing this season is a drug trip. Oh no doctor’s back. Flash! Bad Trip. Inject the LSD. WHAT! I am the walrus. I am so confused. Like this isn’t anime this is Japan on drugs. What drugs? All the drugs. Initial D time. What are you!!!!!! This is what happens when you slip into madness, not Lain, not Evaneglion this, this is it. Derp I love explaining doctor. Lee just asked me what this is about, I can’t answer. But I want more.

Review: This is not a mind fuck anime, this is not a song, this is giraffe. Ok see that statement that is a review of trapeze. Prepare for a ride of anime, stop animation, filtered live action , colors, and the general sense that no matter how hard you try the penguins are just a bloody thirsty race seeking world domination. Take every trippy anime sequence throw it together and it still won’t be enough. The good news though? This is enjoyable as fuck and I mean I watched it I was actually sad because episode 2 wasn’t out yet.

Worth Watching?: Fuck yeah it is.


White Album 2-(The worst drama ever anime)


Summary: Oh hey time for everyone’s favorite Ef wannabe.  Oh no the main characters dad had a heart attack. And here I was hoping some main char was hit with a car. Oh yeah, look at that emotion, this is such a good drama. Alright the dad hates his son as much as I do. Artsy. Slap that bitch.  Aww yeah abuse in the workplace. Dude the idol business is serious fucken business. Oh hey it’s the pothead. Bike. Destroyed. Well good to know that this sucks just as much as last season, at least it’s consistent. Oh gawd the art is so good this dude cries. Though he’s probably crying because he realized he just ended up in this terrible series. Oh hey keep being a dick to everyone and sleeping with everyone you cock mongrel dirt bag. Gawd I hate this season so much.

Review: You know I hated this animes first season and hey look this one sucks too. See this anime is one of those love drama animes that you just first off don’t like and then it gets worse. How you ask? Because it’s trying way too hard to be romantic and artsy. Like you just see it trying to tell itself well look at me I’m as good as shaft and key love me and like that little piece of shit dog it is you want nothing more but to kick it over the fence.

Worth Watching?: Par for the course for this season – no.


Winter Sonata-(The I hate episode 0 series screwing up my archive)


Summary: Oh great a drama series. Oh the joys of America through Japanese eyes. What French are vicious? The Kingdom of Shadows!!! You know what’s great in anime progression, and not slowest pacing ever. Nothing’s happening. Nothing’s happening. Nothing’s happening. Nothing’s happening. Wow a skipping record that continuously does nothing what perfect metaphor. Oh hey he collapsed, after he stopped it, how symbolic of the showing having something happens. Nothing’s happening. Nothing’s happening. And in the end nothing’s happens.

Review: Boring as fuck.

Worth Watching?: Fffbftht no what are you kidding.


Yumeiro Patissiere-(The god just end it please anime)


Summary: Baking Anime Go! I really hope this goes the ramen fighter miki route and that the picture is innocent but there’s some good comedy. Oh who the fuck am I kidding Ok you know what I know this is going to be a dumb shoujo with cooking, and a guy just had his “intro bit” during the opening with rose petals. Ok you know what fuck it, I can’t take it anymore. I quit, this show sucks I know it, I’m not even going to review it I just can’t this season is just so bad. There’s just so much generic I can’t take it anymore.

I’m done. I need a drink.

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