Winter 2009-2010 Anime Season Reviews/First Impressions [Complete]

Coming off the painfully dismal fall season In which I dropped more animes that watched (Normally I drop 3 not 13) We get a better winter season. But is it really better? Is it what you would call a good season? Is it a showcase of the best anime has to offer?


Really what we get this season is more Hidamari (which not everyone likes) more Nodame (which no-one really knows about and it’s romance so besides me and my fake vagina who cares) and the 2 potentials of Durarara and Dance in the Vampire Bund which only get that treatment because of what the creators have made before this. And that’s really quite sad, I could go into reasons why, and blame the recession, and that animes dying but to be honest I though the same thing a few years ago. Then Gurren Lagann came out, and to be fair I just shut the hell up. It’s not this issue or that issue looking at it there’s always been shit and mediocre animes and there always will be. It’s like the lottery sure yes there may be some secret hidden formula/trick/reason behind it but in the end it’s all a crap shoot.

Speaking of crap and shooting it,  I do want to mention that while 95% of last season was painfully unwatchable there were 3 titles which did come into there own.

Kimi ni Todoke- yes it’s a romance and yes during the duration of watching it I actually am transplanted with a vagina but I don’t care what type of anime it is, what format, or context or anything else all I care about is whether it’s good and Kimi really is. So while watching it may make your blood into pure estrogen when it’s going on you just don’t care.

Fairy Tail- Yes it’s one of those long neverending shounens but hey if you get into and like it at least you’ll know that you’ll have something to watch while we wait for a great anime.

Trapeze- Is great it’s trippy, messes with your head and is just all around good fun. It’s not something you need to be invested in but you still get a great reward out of it. While the other two are still carrying over this is sadly finished though.

Right so this season.


Baka to Test no Shokanju “The Weiss Survive Expansion Pack” Anime


Summary: Epic test taking? Orgasms? Oh she’s sick. FAILURE! Just deal with it. You’re class has DS playing people, sleeping people and reverse KKK bondage loving people. Now the choice who do you make friends with? The punishment inspector has left me in despair. Also lol at wannabe Shaft style. Ok…  so I’ve realized that really this show is bad because the whole premise is just dumb. And that’s it.

Review: Honestly the damn premise of the show is just terrible. It’s basically lol we can make a game using grades from test as attack/hit points and the whole deal is that a school who fails at budgeting decided that dumb kids get sucky treatment and smart kids get couches and snackbars and that classes can “battle” one another through these dumb game things. I mean you know that nothing will come out of it, no enjoyment, moving story, character development, and despite trying to mimic Shaft style the art is fairly not super pretty.

Verdict: It brings nothing to the table so don’t give it anything. Ignore it and hope it goes away.


Chu Bra!! “The not worth a title” Anime


Summary: I already hate this on name alone. 1 Minute before a panty shot that’s slow in this market. Yup this is as dumb as I thought it would be. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Oh gawd it’s only half way through. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

Review: No I’m sorry you don’t get one. This anime was obviously slated for the shit that was last season and they were late.

Verdict: I sometimes wish for a total destroy button so I can kill things like this and any copy of it. That and Akikan


Dance in the Vampire Bund “The experimental god we all hope its good” Anime


Summary: Right so at this point I’m not sure if this is a well done cam recording a bad rip or just shaft messing with us. A vampire that’s preposterous. Game show? I am confused highly. And now I’m scared of beavers. Ahh you believe in vampires because of manga but the writer doesn’t, take it. Ok seriously you do the crazy game show episode 15 episodes in. One day I’ll be King of the Vampires and sail the Grand Line. Oh snap! That dude is nuts.  Chameleon vampire? Loli vs. lizard MORTAL KOMBAT. No Mr. Bond I command you to die.

Review: Right so review is basically saying okay interesting setup, odd way to start but I see where you can go from here. All I hope is that you do go from here and make what it is I know you can make. When I had heard about this series as naked lolis and possible guro and then hearing it was shaft I was neutral I mean yes Tsukiyomi was quite good so it’s possible and Shinbo has never let me down (After Love Hina I was smart enough to not watch Negima so hasn’t let ME down) and for the  most part I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt and hoping.

Verdict: Watch it. It’s odd but good.


Durararararararararararalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala “The If I say Baccano they’ll love me” Anime


Summary: My god this looks familiar almost nearly like Baccano. That’s funny because no other review site has seen fit to mention this. Some say he can’t tell the difference between and r and an l, and that everyone he meets looks gray. All we know is he’s not the stig, but he is the stig’s cat eared motorcycle cousin.  Piano solo! Look out he’s right next to you. 3 years developing a joke, dedication man. Freeze frame! Oh so the people are actually gray and a color gang is going to kill them. Oddly enough the art looks Baccano/Yozakura which is interesting. Oh my a spicy wolf has appeared. Various Purposes! You just got gassed! For some reason he was black? Flying vending machine? Wait the helmet character is not human and is a monster by god it is the Stig. Some say his shadow is one of the four horseman and that he is the grim reaper himself. All we know is- Some say he has no head, and that he can summon a scythe from nothing. All we know is-

Review: I’m serious about the title and I know I’m no better because everything thing I’ve heard about this anime is that it’s incapable of being mentioned without having Baccano in the same breath. Now I loved Baccano and in a season that seems mostly medium in tier of quality throwing out the name is just what happens. However despite the opening *which is blatant Baccano-ish reviewing it as its own series, it come out kind of okay. I mean obviously the headless driver is all we really care about and they do introduce a lot of main characters but for the most part you can tell that this is a setup episode. Hopefully for greatness. Hopefully

Verdict:  I’m hoping it turns out great but who knows. As it stands though it’s worth watching,


K-On Season 2 “The It’s pronounced So-Ra-No-Wo-To thank you very much” Anime


Summary: Modern day cave drawings! Oh man she’s got a trumpet. Montage? Don’t they do that once a series ends? Driiiiiiiffftuuuuuuuuuuuu! It’s good to go where everybody knows your name. And they’re always glad you came. Kung fu fights? It’s a dolphin not a fish you dumbass. Oh man it’s a waffle. Ahh man it’s a soldier lets dumb blood on her. “The blood from murders, has stained the whole city; Blood runs bold on the street stones, with no one bothering to wash it off” Except in the case where they have a bath… Another montage esque scene? So this is apparently a magical anime maybe? So it’s not even really a war anime it’s about music… So K-On 2 everyone? Oh wow the main char is bad at everything. Surprise.

Review: Now I’m not sure if you’ve all read the news but recently K-On was announced to be getting a second season. This is interesting because usually when they announce things like that we see it in about a year or half a year from the announcing. It’s usually not days… Honestly it’s impossible not to separate the two animes. The main character is Yui in nearly every aspect. And worst of all I was told this would be about military type things and I had the terrible image of a K-On/Strike Witches crossover. But so far the only real plot and character point to notice is the trumpet playing which makes this hold it.. another moe blob anime about music…

Verdict: I wonder if Broken Hands still fits the opening. If not though just don’t watch this. Go read a book or watch something you haven’t seen that someone with taste has recommended. Like Denno Coil, or Honey and Clover


Ladies vs. Butlers “The I’d actually like some softcore porn with my fanservice” Anime


Summary: Add another to the fanservice anime count.  Is it bad that I’m just hoping this becomes a battle anime? No. I will however be depressed because I always am. Ok you know I am willing to allow for hair colors that break the spectrum and hold and spikes that seem to stay in place by magic but I’m sorry the giant billowing cocoon hair is just outright ridiculous. Nerv quote? And there’s the naked loli. Damn. DESTROYED! Eat pen you eroge laptop. Dumb prissy bitch. GIGA DRILL BREAKER: Hair Version! Wait even your dad hasn’t touched your boobs, you think by now incest would have set in. My god he can make girls faint simply by being near them. My god this is just pathetic. Oh for the angels sake… Dear lord are the squishing sounds necessary. Ahh I’ve figured it out it took me a while since there’s a lack of furries… this is Kanokon pt. 2. A man can dream to be beautiful bride. And nudity thrown in for last minute for literally no reason. Androgynous character acts so you don’t know what it is, big surprise.

Review: Ok so basically this is another fanservice anime however once it got to the part where after getting a stain on her shirt this chick begins stripping naked… I noticed that the art style and ridiculous of the series reminded me of darker days and one of the worst animes of all time. And finally when they decided to throw in nude scenes for literally no reason at all. I began wondering very much why the nipples weren’t heart shaped.

Verdict: If so far this sounds interesting to you just go watch a hentai, at least that won’t have naked lolis.


Ookamikakushi “The token fantasy/mystery/really about nothing” Anime


Summary: Reverse Rape! Ahh haven’t had a good demon anime in a while. Sprite trees? I’m getting vibes of Higurashi for some reason… Glomp. Glomp pt 2. Boring setup so it can be destroyed in last 4 seconds…… Just get to the scythe murdering bit already. Wow clingy creepy chick is clingy. Alright other mysterious creepy chick break the bullshit. Ok at this point you counter by saying fuck you bitch your existence pisses me off too. Alright finally. I guess vampires/wolves/something vs. something else in some sort of battle but lol it’s a first ep so no details.

Review: Well the setup is fine family moves to city that is hiding something and there’s some”things” doing some”thing” however because this is obviously thriller and MYSTERY, they give no hints, info, clues in the first ep in the hopes that you’ll be intrigued to watch more. But should you? Honestly I know I’ll watch because that’s what I do, the series has not been and outright hate so I have to see it through but for the person wondering what to pick up you may just want to avoid this altogether.

Verdict:  Go watch Higurashi, you’ll be better off.



So thats half down and the remaining 7-8 don’t seem promising aside from the aforementioned Nodame and Hidamari. (Editor’s Note: I got too lazy and never did finish this.) Normally I would feel very depressed that nothing has really wow’d me from this season but since I still have Kimi I mostly don’t care. For those that have a penis full-time where does that leave you? Mostly in a pit of mediocre anime.  I think gg (cough Koda cough)  sums it up best.

“this season is shit, dura is on crunchyroll, see you all in 3mo when the noitamina show after nodame airs.”


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