On developing Hellfire: Shadow of the Wild West

It’s been quite some time since I worked on Hellfire over 4 years ago to be specific. Hellfire was made in game maker and even though I worked on what you would call the “tech” of the game there was no real coding, and at the time I had no experience coding anyway. Looking back at it I’m grateful for having taken Game Dev as one of my first courses. Later that year I had been having some trouble getting used to programming and was wondering if I would be able to program games. I had considered for a time switching to robotics (I took electronics during high school, and debated before attending WPI which major to choose).

I remembered my first term taking game design, it was a short game made in game maker, but I had a lot of fun making it. Taking it from the initial idea we all had to fruition. I even enjoyed the crunch time where the day before we only had the first level and first boss, and were scrambling to get the other sections done. The excitement when we go the horse level working and how awesome it looked, and how hours before the deadline we got the final boss working made the whole experience fantastic. Presenting the next day went perfectly, and the judges we were really impressed with our art, the comedy, and the diversity of our game (multiple levels, bosses with different styles of gameplay).

Thankfully I stuck with it, and I’m glad I did. I’ve really enjoyed making games over the past few years, and it’s a great feeling to be doing what I love. Hellfire was my first foray into developing games, and I’m glad that it’s not only a game that made me enjoy making games, but that it stands as a game I can be proud of.

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