Hello my name is John Andrews, and welcome to the about section of my site.

I am a recent graduate from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s (WPI) Interactive Media and Game Development (IMGD) program. My focus was on the technical and software development side of game development. I also have a minor from WPI in Writing and Rhetoric.

Over my time at WPI, I’ve spent a lot of time designing games, not even all video games either. (I have a chess/shogi like board game and a card game based off of 100 blank index cards). If you’d like to see my work on video games I’ve developed simply go to the games page at the top; they should all be downloadable. If you’d like to see the sites created for each game as it was developed check the Game Pages to your left. Be warned these sites/blogs were created during development so they lack polish due to us working on the game.

Aside from posts to this blog which I promise will receive some actual columns, I write fiction in my free time. I’m also an unofficial member of the Nerdfit Network (In blogroll) , working on columns, radio content, and props. I’ve also been known to attend conventions wearing full armor made from soda can tabs, but I’m working on getting a section for that side project in the future.

If you’d like to talk to me feel free to contact me on Twitter @jernandrews or email me at JFAndrews@alum.wpi.edu or my gmail JernAndrews@gmail.com

If you’re a game company looking for my resume there’s an online and downloadable version on the Resume page.