Hello my name is John Andrews, and welcome to the about section of my site.


Right – so this needed some updating as it’s been a few years, here goes. I’m a graduate from WPI’s Game Development/Programming major. I currently work for a simulation company called Simudyne. As for other things I do:

I make Tabletop Games (see Games Menu)

I’ve made, and will possible dabble in video game making (again Games Menu)

I make complex armor and armaments using various parts of soda cans.

I do a weekly column where I switch on/off from doing genre analysis of anime, and theories about video games (and the companies that make them)

I review Lego sets.

I also review various spirits, wines, and beers.

I review anime when new seasons come out (which is mostly a showcase of bad life choices)


If you’d like to talk to me feel free to contact me on Twitter @jernandrews or email me at JFAndrews@alum.wpi.edu or my gmail JernAndrews@gmail.com

If you’re a game/software company looking for my resume there’s an online and downloadable version on the Resume page.

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