Site Update: Actual Hosting.

So between anime, tabs stuff, and booze reviews getting dem hits on searches and stuff it seems I needed to get real hosting instead of the former sketchy-as-all-can-be hosting site that I was on. This means better speed, less chance of crashing, and just better going forward, it does mean though that there might be some stuff that’s not right – right now I think it’s just the image galleries, but I’m working on that. If there’s anything else feel free to send me a note.



Soda Can Chain Mail @ Instructables

Greetings all, been good working at Simudyne – currently doing stuff in Scala/Lift/Javascript and some stuff in OpenSim. Anyway A few of you probably arrived here from one of the Chainmail related sites I’ve been linking myself to in the past month. I’ve gone and uploaded my weave instructions to Instructables – sure it’s almost completely copy-pasta’d from my site, but there’s a few other things on there, and the inclusion of tags in images may make working with this stuff easier. Anyway I’ve seperated things into 4 categories as uploading them all would be much more of a pain. The link to my profile is here.

Simulation Developer at Simudyne

Greetings, been a while, but I’ve been busy with interviews and such. I’ve since joined with Simudyne a UK based company expanding into the US that creates real time simulation software for Energy, Healthcare, Defense and other applications.
This means that most likely over the next few months I’ll post the occasionally cool thing I’m working on – provided I’m allowed too.
p.s. I’ll also update and add a section soon (next weekend) with chain mail stuff most likely linking that through Mail Artisans.

p.p.s. hehe chainmail, linking

Well apologies for bad puns all


Obscura on ModDB: Working on updated ver.

Well this is delayed, but regardless Obscura is now fully integrated with ModDB (go here: ) There you’ll find new videos, photos, concept art, downloads, just about anything we could get from the game.

This also leads into another point. We’ve had a tiny amount of bug fixes based on more feedback, but we also plan on working on the game further. While there are certainly a few technical bugs for me to work out, mainly we need an artist so if you find this page (and not the ModDB) please send me an email via my contact page, or message me on ModDB about working as an artist on Obscura. We’d like to have it for IGF, but we’d need someone to do about 5-10 models, 5 animations, and about 50+ texture asset work to make the game look nice and polished.


Apologies for the mess, I’m going around trying to get things nice and setup for the site. (It’s wordpress, but I made sure to get one with options.) The site is mostly functional – I’m really just making it visually appealing.

-John out.