Winter 2011-2012 Anime Season Reviews/First Impressions [Complete]

I’m going into this season folks with almost no bearings. Few of these shows have a manga (and the ones that do are not stellar) the only sequels I’m familiar with are Amagami which was bleh, Natsume which is slow, and Tsukaima which GODDAMMIT WHY IS THIS STILL GOING ON OH WAIT IT’S BECAUSE THEY CAN’T END IT.


Any similarity to Erik being a fat king, and me lacking common sense is totally implied.

But seriously guys. No. I’ll be objective, I’ll remain calm, I won’t get angry and bitter over the little things like – GODDAMMIT THERE’S A ROSARIO VAMPIRE RIPOFF HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? WHO FUNDS THESE THINGS!

Ugh forget it I apparently can’t contain myself to write a paragraph so let’s just get to the reviews – where I yell more. Balls.

No real changes to the format this season. So like previous seasons I won’t keep you waiting three weeks to get your reviews, and be updating daily filling in new shows. I’ll have a list at the bottom of shows not aired, and check back every couple of days to see what my opinion/ADHD summary is. (Note: Once again all images from I also won’t leave the post featured for half the season again (kept forgetting to turn it off – apologies) . Updates in Bold. ALSO FUCKBALLSDEADWOMBAT THERE IS A NEW PRINCE OF TENNIS ANIME GOD HAS SHOWN HE IS READY TO KILL MANKIND


Name: Amagami SS+

Subtitle: The “There actually is this much screwin around in politics” anime


Summary: Really, really, you start with a chick bathing a dude as your first scene? Derp mirror. Also when you go into a place naked c’mon? And then it turned into his sister… Oh man I get a harem, time to film it. Cure shyness, become leader. Dude your gf wants you to be the vice prez and do you in the student council room. Shi- 2 chicks want to do him there. Conniving bitch. Also I want to paint you like a French girl. Lolololol. Whoa harsh. IT’S A TRAP. Don’t think with your dick dude, your gf is way hotter. Homewrecker.

Review: Again this is one of those deals where it’s a romance yes, it presses all the correct buttons on the romance anime machine, but it’s just not great at all. The protagonist still suffers from the my only flaw is how mind-numbingly boring I am. Add in the fact where they feel the need to throw in fanservice as a dream just to fulfill some sort of imaginary quota and we’re left with something like last season. A mostly boring romance harem anime, that has some really good, but not stellar art.

Date Added: 01/06/12


Name: Ano Natsu de Matteru

Subtitle: The “At least she’s trying to blend in as opposed to every other alien chick” anime


Summary: No the dead are taken into a special room and burned. Suddenly aliens. BLOOD! Chances of dream coming true? 99.96% Seriously what video  effect are you doing. Kokuri? And there’s how they explain away the family before the alien moves in. Gingers – Hiding in Japan is impossible. Why they freak out over red hair and not the blue baffles me though. How indeed? Damn! ONE DAY I WILL MEET SCIENCE! SO AWKWARD! Lol it was real. Ok..? Enter other female. DA BOMB!

Review: I actually like this so far, while this does have some very cliche elements to it, not everything is generic, and the production value seems very high. The basic movie plot is where this show will live and die, aka if they flounder about with this movie they get nowhere. Possible though is that they tie it in with the romance and keep a nice level of drama.

Date Added: 01/11/12


Name: Another

Subtitle: The “Who you gonna call? MORNING RESCUE!” anime


Summary: This man was clearly crazy. Dammit, why do they keep using Ali Project in openings, the vocalist sucks. Damn for 30+ you look damn fine. Countermeasures aka are you a terrorist? Lol no. 4. I give gifts to dead people. Even with time zones who calls at 5 am? THAT’S NOT HOW GENETICS WORKS. Even when they tell you to jump off a bridge. MY BRAIN IS ROSES! Phhhbbbbbttttttt. Dat pant leg. GHOSTS! Also I don’t care. I AM DEATH.

Review: It’s another ghost in the school anime. It’s something we’re used to see as a one-shot episode in most animes or an arc at best. There’s a very good reason for this because in most cases – it’s not all that interesting. I mean imagine watching Sixth Sense if they made it freakishly obvious he was a ghost. Again I’ve read a bit of the manga here, and my policy is wait until Tasogare X Otome next season, because they do a much better job with the plot – and hopefully the anime carries the fantastic art over.

Date Added: 01/10/12


Name: Aquarion no Evol

Subtitle: The “Man don’t you hate it when your 80′s mech anime shows up in the present day” animeaquarion

Summary: 42 Minutes – Aka kill me. Nope forgot the big bang, give me some cliffnotes. Smooth. Weight training to hold back super saiyan? Suddenly nun stripping. How you know it’s the future? Laser > Barbed Wire. Also taser hands. Clearly if police noogie’d the Occupy protesters everyone would be better off. Happiness is related to flying. GIANT ROBOT SPACE BEETLES! Even aliens love some T&A. Wit are they pulling some Vandread-esque sex rivalry here? Wreally? Like I have no idea what they’re doing here. Intense. THIER SYNCH RATIO IS OFF THE CHARTS! Mech combo time. SEX EUPHEMISMS. Hand of God! Beast mode! Boring. I CAN FLY! I threw that dude into an asteroid, dudes love asteroids. PUNCH TO THE CHEST!

Review: Like this is something mech fans would probably like, but for people who like animes with mechs might not. If you’ve seen every mech series ever I can understand an appeal in this, but ti’s not fantastic. The gender thing seems contrived (and I know that’s a holdover from first series), and the whole aliens motive seems to be destroying stuff and taking wives. Sure I’m all for some pillaging, but when it’s aliens that look like humans it seems too coincidental. Add to that fact everyone occasionally having a superpower and the series feels off in general with where it’s going and what it’s trying to be.

Date Added: 01/11/12


Name: Area no Kishi



Summary: BULLSHIT AMERICA HATES SOCCER. Wut. Heartbeats the Vuvuzela remix?. I don’t. Oh siblings, good because you were pretty creepy back there. I want to quit watching since I hate soccer, but I can’t say that I watched episode 1 of Prince of Tennis (unwillingly) and not this. Puppets… TV exists. He has Calvin Harris level of getting all the girls. Actually good idea, I mean not living in his shadow is actually a healthy ideal – I give it 10 mins before they ruin it. AND THEY JUST PULLED A RED CARD JOKE. 7!!! Tap that. Dead. Ruined. Aliens? It’s the chick duh. And ruined. Phhbbbbttt.

Review: Eh. It’s a sports anime, very few people like sports animes (Cross Game and Overdrive only ones I think I enjoyed). Worse this about soccer, so it’s like a double dose of me not giving a fuck.

Date Added: 01/10/12


Name: Black Rock Shooter

Subtitle: The “Dammit why couldn’t they stay out of highschool like the OVA did” anime


Summary: Why did it have to be spikes? What’s with the eyes. GIGA CHAINSAW! Okay please keep the anime this pretty and fluid the whole show and you can do whatever else you want. Or just work in some highschool bullshit. aka FUCKEN DAMMIT DEAR JAPAN HIGHSCHOOL SUCKS AND SO DO YOU. Look at you retarded girl you can describe things. Aka not autistic speak. Weirdest game of peekaboo ever. Here comes the cripple. What a bitch. Finally back to some real stuff. DESTROYED! I’m telling you I can DEAL WITH IT. BLOOD! Mexican standoff of color!

Review: This seems to be suffering from the Puella Madoka problem, the A storyline of cool animation and fight scenes is too far and few between and the B storyline that is just so boring. Sure like Puella they tie in, and I’m sure there’s going to be some “dark” magical girl elements here as well. This though like Puella doesn’t really have something new and fresh, and it feels like they could just do without the B storyline and do something more along the lines of Casshern Sins. Because when you have this good animation it’s wasted when it’s sandwiched inbetween highschool (actually middle but you get the point) bullshit that every other goddamn anime does.

Date Added: 02/03/12


Name: Brave 10

Subtitle: The “Meanwhile back in the Edo Hall of Justice” anime


Summary: DISCO INFERNO! Okay there’s at least 1 set of tits in this anime. Dead people don’t block their eyes from the sun. Then why ask? BLOOD! Samurais, you buy them with food. And there’s the MacGuffin. I’M AN OWL! Virginity confirmed. I wonder if his sword can cuss? Nope just a leaf. IT’S LOG IT’S LOG IT’S ROUND IT’S HARD IT’S WOOD. YUKIMIRA! OYAKATA-SAMA! YUKIMIRA! Excel Saga style exit. Bondage? Why are her tears red? Cool… Gathering heroes, I assume he has a mech that combines. Called it.

Review: A lot of reviewers and people (hell even the sub group) say this is the best thing this season. Considering Bakemonogatari S2, and an anime that promises Time Travel Dragons and Battle Royale, I have to ask. Fucken really? This is what you consider da best? I mean sure it’s not awful, but it’s not like I thought to myself while watching it “mmmyes now that’s some mighty fine anime – Mr. Fuzzybottom, bring me more wine.” It’s okay, but lets face it even as a period-era anime it’s not in the top 10.

Date Added: 01/10/12


Name: Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou (Daily Lives of High School Boys)

Subtitle: The “I’m so glad I didn’t go to an all boys school” anime


Summary: NORMAL IS BORING. Okay.. so it appears my whole horsemen of the apocalypse might happen. Also gundams. Well that has interesting. Wut. Hey you shutup I was enjoying that. The main character literally killed whatever boner I had for this show not being shit. Wut. Okay? Suddenly crossdressing. Just so gross, please kill them. Nipple hair… Bulimia? DESTROYED! Delinquents make good detectives? Virgin ninjas? Is she having a crisis? I can’t even. Daw.

Review: I actually kind of like it, it’s less slice of life and more comedy, and so far the pacing has been well executed. This is in a way similar to other Nichijou – you keep watching and hopefully like the former it can keep up the pace of good jokes. It doesn’t need to all be homeruns but if 2 episodes pass without me laughing my ass off than I’d be sorely disappointed.

Date Added: 01/11/12


Name: Gokujo

Subtitle: The “They spent 6 minutes with a plot concerning panties, and I need cyanide pills” anime


Summary: Well at least it’s short, hmm should I got with regular, slutty or super slutty. Wait did you learn boob physics from Eiken? DERP. Ponytails they’re for hanging people. Wait how could you lose panties. The Exxon Valdez of Boob Spillage. Then cat sex. Then murder, or lesbian sex. Wut, clearly see her peanut, rafflesia? Let’s run around ins skirts commando that plan ain’t stupid. And it ends with a full double moon.

Review: God this is dumb, and I’m only updating it here so you don’t have to worry about whether the lesbian fanservice was worth your time, because holy shit it’s not.

Date Added: 01/31/12


Name: High Score

Subtitle: The “At least they realize they’re douchebags” anime


Summary: Ahh another 3 minute deal. Her eyes are literally scary how is that cute. A pitchfork? Then confectionery  WHAT IS THAT THING. Hoskaka from Minami-ke? DEAD. Lol. DEATH. Then sex. 3 million yen how? Lol you suck. Wow. Claymation ending? WHAT ARE YOU? ARE YOU A LEG ARM TABLE THING? CAN THAT EXIST?

Review: I’m generally acceptive of these tiny flash style animations if and only if because they’re short and usually strive to be interesting in the time given. Unfortunately there’s no real substance here.

Date Added: 12/29/11


Name: Highschool DxD

Subtitle: The “Why can’t useless protagonists stay dead?” anime


Summary: BLOOD. That’s not red, that’s boobs. USELESS! And there’s the fanservice. How to get girls: Sparkle. Bitches love sparkles. Busted. Obligatory strip scene. Oh nipples. Okay there’s where they draw the line. Cue rimshot. Really, damn dude not bad. TSUNDERE ALARM CLOCK. LET ME EXPLAIN WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS. EVERYTHING! Yo you could totally do alchemy with that. Nice job. And there it is. Black Widow. Then some more boobs. Really. You had fun? BLOOD! Dead. Getting stabbed through the chest isn’t ridiculous. Is it that a lizard? Ok? I’m Spiderman! Fallen Angel flasher? DEAD PT.2! Called that. Wow, even scored some tail.

Review: Hnnnngghh. Okay so it’s not as tera-bad as Rosario Vampire, but make no mistake this is downright a combo of that and some Queen’s Blade. With demons, nipples and blood this anime is going not for shock value, but an appeal that because it’s edgy fanservice it’d be great. The story will suck, the characters already do, and I’m fully prepared to see a Sankaku Complex post about each episode upping the ante of tits and blood.

Date Added: 01/08/12


Name: Inu X Boku Secret Service

Subtitle: The “I had a secret service I’d play scavenger hunt with the weirdest things.” anime


Summary: I am a stuck up bitch. A tsundere stuck up socially awkward bitch. MAGIC FLOATING BOX. Is that glove just fingers? Yhup. Secret Service. Today is a good day to die. They told me I could be whatever I wanted, so I became a dog. Thanks so much I wanted to throw water at that chick so much. Who sleeps in buttons? I really hope it stops that sparkle. WITCHFINGERS! Super-lesbian. I’M SO RICH AND MY PROBLEMS ARE SO AWFUL. Damn he pulled a gun on her. GEASS! Byakura? Eww, feet kissing.

Review: Riding on the coattails of Gosick we get another loyal dude protecting/serving a tiny annoying bitch loli. This one forgoes the subtext and heads straight into creepy stalker master/servant relationship. Combine this with the main char being so depressed and wanting to be alone because “she’s so rich, and has some (currently unknown) super-power, but woe is here that she is “forced” to have someone wait on her hand and foot, and we end up with a plot that’s not fantastic and characters that suck. Honestly the only reason to watch is the interactions of the side chars and once they have their establishing eps that well of good sentiment dries up quick.

Date Added: 01/13/12


Name: Kill Me Baby

Subtitle: The “If my friend was an assassin I’d learn to jump into haystacks” anime


Summary: And I miss Nichijou. Requisite in Pace. No please kill me. Tentacle raped by aliens. Where did she get a gun? QUE PASA! Assassins make the best can-openers. Tomato milk? Who pulls a gun on an assassin. It’s a little dog what a bunch of bitches. I just… Or it falls asleep. DOG ASSASSIN. YO What do you got against golf? BURN THE GHOST. What. WHAT. That is actually a pretty good trick for defying gravity. Lolololol. Then LSD. Nice. Whut. And broken. Not sure if that counts as a dance ending…

Review: I actually am fine with this anime, as far as 4-Koma anime comedies go it’s not awful, but the jokes feel stale by the end of the show and it lacks the aspect of Nichijou of having the 1-2 scenes where it get’s really good, or really funny. This is one of those I’ll stick by and keep watching, but check back in a couple weeks with a What’s Nu in Animu podcast to see if it gets really good.

Date Added: 01/07/12


Name: Mouretsu Pirates

Subtitle: The “INB4 the ship ain’t pretty, but she’ll get you where you need to go” anime


Summary: So… Firefly? Like seriously that is the cold opening plot of firefly, you replaced cowboys with pirates and made it anime. Sailor moon? Whoa wait actually realistic re-entry procedure. Really, is that sail really necessary. And how are people cheaper than robots? And of course they jam a club in. That’s not futuristic, just elaborate. Husband dies, laughs it off. Picture of mental health. Legal pirates… And generic trope in 3..2..1.. There it is. That’s a lot of feds. Destroyed by sweets. Suddenly gunfire.

Review: Eh? I mean the problem is the whole schoolgirl becomes “Legal?” pirate. I can’t say where this goes from here because it’s either going to be a solid Coyote Ragtime Show-esque comedy space thing, or it could be godawful. This is one of those few that you give a few episodes and see what they do with it.

Date Added: 01/08/12


Name: Natsume Yuujinchou Shi

Subtitle: The “I hum the Cheers opening during this show and approx 3 people will get that joke.” anime


Summary: Just do her already. Yeah we get it, we’re 4 seasons in. And cat enters in 3, 2, 1 There it is. Bored. Because you need to have sex with him, removes all stiffness. Dead. Yo that frog has got ups. Oh man the ghost from spirited away showed up. Ahh old pirate the exorcist. Tentacle rape? Duh the old building is an exorcist base, don’t be stupid. Holy shit it really is like the spirited away ghost. I’ve heard of flower arranging, but you’re arranging sticks. Dat pot. Shi- he got ya bitch.

Review: Again it’s more Natsume Yuujinchou hitting about season 4 now so getting close to 52 eps. I like this anime, I’ll continue to watch it, but it’s not really recommendable. Honestly just watch Mushi-shi and Tenpou Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi and enjoy a better viewing experience.

Date Added: 01/04/12


Name: New Prince of Tennis



Summary: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Delicious cg cars. ARGH NOT OKAY. They think you’re a terriost. I hate all of you. Worst gangsters ever. WHOA WHERE DID THEY GET A BRITISH PUNK FROM? Do they really need cctv for that? BURNING CROTCH! NO NO HE DOESN’T. FUCK YOU WANTED. YOU CAN’T CURVE BULLETS. WHAT GOOD IS BACKSPIN THIS IS NOT GOLF. It’s tennis not the fucken Navy seals. I just realized that I’m doing the whole it’s tennis why is [blank] happening, and I remember where I am. I’m having a brain aneurysm from sheer stupidity. And now it’s I have glasses too time. YOUR EYES TURNED INTO BUTTS?!?!?! Dead. Power of the bible… And now they just throw in elements for shits. And I assume court 1 is in like a volcanic lair. Oh thank lord it’s ending.

Review: Guys I watched about 15 episodes of the first Prince of Tennis, so let me make this abundantly clear. I hate Prince of Tennis so much it’s not in my list, not even with the stalled animes. Things like Akikan, and Fruits Basket and ToLoveRu hell even Bleach, but Prince of Tennis is literally where I cross the line. And apparently they decided to make a sequel. My feelings on this matter can be summed up in one word. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Date Added: 01/04/12


Name: Nisemonogatari

Subtitle: The “And then John’s Shaft boner grew 3 sizes that day” anime


Summary: Oh it is same cares. NICE. That’s a lot of handcuffs. Kinky. Holy shit the antidote too, ooh it’s a lie. You must become Muhammed Ali. What. Okay seriously where are they going with this? Wut. And he’s wearing a diaper. I believe you have my stapler. iPod commercial? Ahh so they’re adding the little sisters as chars. Ahh I’ve missed some actual Shaft anime. Murder. I don’t even? Dear Shaft thank you. Wut. DOUBLE WUT? AHAHAHAHA. Damn love is cheap. AHAHAHAAHAHA. FUCK THE JURY! Loser. Lolololol. Pie? So I guess we don’t find out why he’s cuffed 6 times to desks.

Review: I thought this was going to be a spiritual successor so I was a little worried, but HOLY SHIT GUYS IT’S A SEQUEL AND I’M REALLY HAPPY ABOUT THIS FACT. Seriously right now I’m like dammit I can’t yell about how awful this is, that’s not great content. I mean who reads these to see me go “thumbs up” instead of wanting to rage quit an entire media? Then again you guys know that Shinbo is my boy and that when he’s allowed to let loose I just eat up his shows like bacon and candy.

Date Added: 01/08/12


Name: Papa no Iu Koto wo Kikinasai!

Subtitle: The “You know this would be better if it wasn’t going to be about him babysitting” anime


Summary: HOW DID YOU GET OUT OF HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD? LOLOLOLOLOL Lowest tier acting ever. JESUS! Seriously stop that. WHAT? Then spanking. You saw her acting, are you 4 realz. Lol his house is a fuckpad. Apathetic uncles are the best. INFLATE! Ahh cousin incest. Obviously she’s a lesbian. Weird works too I guess. I want to watch you squirm. And he bailed. Sexual idiosyncrasies? Sister  inspection. ROBOT PEOPLE! Blondie? Lol joys of being an uncle. Cliché in 3..2..1 There it is.

Review: You see the most interesting aspect of this anime is how Kouta escaped from zombie hell, and what the deal is with the Sobbing chick. This is irrelevant because while it starts off as a possibly interesting college life anime, by the end it devolves into the cliche romantic comedy that I expected it too.

Date Added: 01/11/12


Name: Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki

Subtitle: The “You can use my cat as a pillow he just looks at you with a “really?” kinda face” anime


Summary: So they can draw cats they just make them puffballs. Have you ever drunkenly fallen asleep on a cat? It is literally a puffball that can bounce and run? It has feet? This is like the Samus Aran of cats. Ahh it’s a shortie.

Review: Another 3 minute deal, and honestly I feel like I’m in a kid’s show with this one. I mean it’s just about a puffball that is actually a cat. I really can’t give you more of an opinion than that, because frankly that’s all this is.

Date Added: 01/08/12


Name: Recorder to Randsell

Subtitle: The “I suspect Japan is horrendously bad at assigning ages” anime


Summary: Oh yes because recorders is clearly the pro choice of instrument. Like does anyone seriously beleive the whole 5th grader. LOLOL. Wait. Wait. You run away when a man flashes a child? Worst adult ever. This is the police, wtf? Well this seems properly stupid. ALL THE GAINAXING

Review: It’s another 3 minute deal but i already see this descending into hurrhurr how many jokes can we make about a 5th grader looking like a college grad. Honestly it’s really really dumb, and if anything I was actually glad that it was so short and didn’t force me to watch an entire 30 minutes of it.

Date Added: 01/05/12


Name: Rinne no Lagrange

Subtitle: The “I’m still waiting for that Seizure High School Destroy Mech” anime


Summary: Yo keep stripping. Jersey girl? WE SHOULD JUST TAKE ALL THE GAY FABULOUS OF MECHS AND PUT THEM SOMEWHERE ELSE, Like China. Boob press? Someone stole your clothes and you’re okay about it? DAMMIT ENOUGH PRINCE OF TENNIS. COMRADE! Ok… You just stripped your sister? Woof? Like seriously how are you okay with that? WUT THAT’S NOT A NAME. Transformers? Aliens? HAHAHAHA. Yo it’s a Stand-O-Matic. Lol. OH YEAH! K.O!

Review: It’s no Escaflowne, and as far as alternative mech goes it’s not awful from the first episode – clearly they have to establish things. But when you add up the reluctant sister, the aliens who go into Category A – Helper robot aliens, and B. All fabulous boys who are enemies (but that sure as shit ain’t gonna last), the school aspect, the “I have a useless club with like 0 members.” and it all equals out to a halfway decent series.

Date Added: 01/10/12


Name: Senki Zesshou Symphogear

Subtitle: The “Dear Japan, Idols suck, Jpop sucks, vocaloid sucks, you suck.” anime


Summary: Damn rain ruining reception on the other end. You sing, you bleed! There is 1 time music is okay on the battlefield and that’s Scottish bagpipes, not Jpop. Hehe, you die, and it makes me happy. Assassin’s creed 3? And this isn’t P&G w/ Fly Away. That’s very… elaborate? WUUUUUUUUUUT. So singing summons monsters, and people go to these things? You fight them with song? Oh no it’s transforming time. Correction song is required, I hate everything. BLOOD! Suicide! We can rebuild her, we have the technology. Whoa 100 Climaxes in a row? Yhup, you dead. Why is she naked. Vine blood vessels? But will it eat the Eva?

Review: The premise is basically a combo of Idol anime, Eva, and some Mahou Shoujo. Now I know exactly what your thinking because I thought it too. Why in the FUCK DOES JAPAN FEEL THE NEED TO INSERT THEIR CRAPPY UNREALISTIC 2D POP ICONS INTO FUCKEN ANIME THAT THEORETICALLY COULD BE GOOD. I mean honestly raise your hands here if you wanted the robot from Megas XLR to be powered by N’Sync? Btw a few of you just answered yes either ironically or as a boy band lover. I want you to find a q-tip and SHOVE IT INTO YOUR EYE UNTIL YOU GET EARWAX.

Date Added: 01/07/12


Name: Thermae Romae

Subtitle: The “I’d probably be more interested if the anime wasn’t about men bathing.” anime


Summary: Innovation = Lightening bolts to the butt. Traditional values = walking in on naked women. HALF OF YOUR ASS. YO HE’S A RADICAL, SUCH A LOOSE CANNON. BAG MAN, Then shaving. DEAD. SERIOUSLY. They literally have a drain that goes to the other side of the world? Excuse me, excuse me slaves. I appear to have lost my country. WAIT IT’S THE FUTURE? Seriously old dude, you’re fucken scary. You spin me right round right round. A dream? Okay… WHY IS THEIR A ROBOT IN ROMAN TIMES? WHUUUUT!

Review: It’s fairly funny even for its flash-drawn style at 13 mins it’s paced well. The whole idea of Kid in Prince Arthurs Court, but with a Roman in Modern Japan isn’t awful as ideas go, but it’s kind of weird to think where they will go with the series or if it’s just going to be rehash-y of the first ep.

Date Added: 01/13/12


Name: Zero no Tsukaima Final



Summary: Really… Like Seriously that’s happening.  So basically you’re a slut? I obviously hate myself since I’m still watching this. It’s okay you have tits, don’t worry. Ghey. Phhhbbbbbttttt. Gayest pope ever. His familiar a dude – so surprised. I forget that might be the dragon? Get out of here Zelda music. Moar chars, dammit. Calling he out like a bitch. Tsunderetime. Dat bitch. NINJAS! TOUCH NOTHING BUT THE LAMP! Wuuuuuuuutt. DAAAAWWWWW. And ruined. And there’s the Index reference.

Review: Why did I even bother with this after season 1? I swear this show is just not that great at all and unlike Shana which at least has splosions and fight scenes this has so little it’s saddening. The characters have basically devolved into mere tropes and bland cardboard than ever, and the plot they’re going with of “save the world.” does absolutely nothing for me in terms of storyline. Combine that with things like him sleeping in a bed with Louise and Siesta because fuck you we need to inject more reasons for tsunderetime and we end up with something that is not only a paper thin shell of what it used to be, but an absolute atrocity.

Date Added: 01/10/12


End of to be Subbed/Reviewed list.


Alright since it’s finally over and I’ve gotten a few eps into most things here’s my thoughts.

Nichijou (Daily Lives) proves that just by sharing a name it too can actually be pretty funny though it’s certainly different than the other Nichijou. Rinne and Aquarion are decent but unless you need a mech fix, not great. Pirates and Ano Natsu feel like they could be really good – if they would just get their damn plots actually started. Black Rock Shooter seems promising, but again needs to be more Casshern Sins less Madoka. Finally though making up for all of this I get a sexier less black frames Bakemonogatari with Nisemonogatari. I’ve been lackluster feeling about Shaft lately, but by jove my boner grows every time I download an episode.

Overall though most Winter season are typically like Summer (Less series, lower quality) and while Winter typically has more generally you have a lower overall quality, not so here – while of course there are things that balance this season out in general this is shaping up to be a good season.

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