Flat TabMail

Another simple weave (6th Gen.) made alongside TabScale Inverse as a combo of the 2 Flat TabScale variants. This is incredibly flexible especially compared to the Reinforced ver, but overall it feels bleak. This uses 16 ga 1/4 AR 4.2 Bright Aluminum Rings I purchase mine from TheRingLord, but as long as they are 1/4 and 14-18 ga any ring should work fine. I chose Bright Aluminum to match properly with the aluminum can tabs.

  • Difficulty: 1/5 – This is very easy to do.
  • Flexibility: 5/5 – It bends any way you want it.
  • Tabs per sq. ft: ~450
  • Rings per sq. ft: ~325

1. Lay the tabs out with the second row on top of the 1st and 3rd.

2. Put a ring through the 2nd rows upper and lower half.

3. Continue out width-wise as you wish.

4. Lay a 4th row ontop of the 3rd row’s upper half.

5. Connect with a ring.

6. This is basically the same as 4 but you go underneath.

7. And connect.

8. Continue this out as you wish for swatch size.

9. Connecting swatches is as easy as step 3.

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