Banded Tab

This was my first foray into TabMail using rings. This uses 16 ga 1/4 AR 4.2 Bright Aluminum Rings I purchase mine from TheRingLord, but as long as they are 1/4 and 14-18 ga any ring should work fine. I chose Bright Aluminum to match properly with the aluminum can tabs. You can use these for bracelets or belts, or as I do for Banded TabMail.

  • Difficulty: 3/5 – This isn’t hard to figure out, but is annoying to “thread”
  • Flexibility: 4/5 – While it can bend around a wrist it’s just able to do so.
  • Tabs per ft: ~60
  • Rings per ft: ~40

1. Arrange the tabs as shown below.

2. You basically want a ring in-between the middle of the 3 tabs with in the inner tab flipped vertically.

3. Now you temporailty move the top tab over and place another ring through the bottom tab’s middle. Add another ring as part of the inner layer making sure it faces the correct direction.

4. Slide the top tab over and connect the ring.

5. Then place a ring through another tab to act as the bottom.

6. And finally add another tab to the top and close. Making sure that you keep direction between the 2 layers, I stress this only because it’s easy to get mixed up and a pain to fix later on.

7. From here you simply continue on, note: you don’t have to shift the top tab you can simply thread a ring through after placing the tab, but whatever works for you.

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