The original chain – now considered mostly too weak for regular chain usage due to the cut tabs naturally bending after time; however here it degrades much much faster than standard 4-ChainTab. Therefore this really should only be used in either 8 in 1 or 10 in 1 ChainTab. To start make sure you follow the ChainTab Prep.

  • Difficulty: 1/5 – Easy enough to do blindfolded
  • Flexibility: 5/5 – Very flexible, but weak
  • Tabs per ft: ~36

1. First arrange the tabs back to back.

2. Now here’s where you make your first connection. You need to make sure that you don’t “bend” the tab, once a tab has been seriously bent it’s weak and unusable – throw it away. So then how do you connect tabs? It’s a sort of pushing them into one another the cut tab side shifts but it had a natural elasticity that you can feel connecting them. Simply pressing on one half with your index finger to push it enough to connect will suffice.

3. Once you connect one make sure it’s back to back again and connect the next tab.

4. It should look like this.

5. Then it’s just keeping on as long as you like.

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