(Obscura) C-Term Post Mortem

Now we have a trailer at the end of this post showing off some of our game, but before that I have another end of term post mortem.

Our game is technically finished having been turned in for our senior project; however the game is not done and we’ll still be doing some development until May when we release the game to the public.

This past term has been interesting, between the playtesting sessions, fixing and tweaking almost 200 bugs, and importing our art into the game. Playtesting was a very humbling experience, and it was interesting to see how easy it was to break our game. We’ve made a bunch of changes and fixed a lot of things, and our game is nearly complete. Considering our art wasn’t imported until the end half of the term we still need some more testing and modifications, but everything is going well.

Now the trailer was created for the Made in Ma event that precedes Pax East which I will also be attending. I hope everything at Pax is as awesome as my friends who last year say it is, and I’ll enjoy the break from working on the game for a week until the next term starts.

Obscura Trailer:

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