Obscura – A Term Post Mortem

So A-Term is over and thus 1/3 of the project. We got all the basic mechanics done, and most of the bugs worked out. If everything goes nicely we’re basically done coding, and everything else will be scripting and stuff in Hammer.

We had quite a few ups and downs during development. Everything from the storyline rapidly changing, or retooling the mechanics to work as puzzle elements without breaking the puzzles changed the way we had originally envisioned the game. While the mechanics were developed, we’ve still has some issues with shaders and the art pipeline but overall I feel that we should overcome these in the following seven weeks.

Still though even if it’s just some skeleton rooms and it’s puzzleless it’s nice to have something I can show off to people. Responses have mostly been favorable and I can’t wait to start the testing of the puzzles. Even though we’re only 1/3 of the way done it really feels like a game.


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