You have lost your memories forcing you to try an experimental drug that lets you enter the subconscious mind. Through this therapy you hope to recover your lost memories; however blocks, gaps, and out of sync memories stop your progress. Thankfully you have the means to break past these blocks using the psychological concepts of transferring, projecting, and associating. The question remains of what kind of person you were, and what happened to you in the first place.

Team: Latent Image ā€“ Members: Kevin McManus, John Andrews, Calvin Yoon ā€“ Advised by Brian Moriarty

Info: Developed using the Source Engine over the course of 8 months. Will be available as a mod letting anyone with a Steam client.

Download Link: [Here]

Visit our ModDB Page: http://www.moddb.com/mods/obscura

Video Link (Trailer):


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