Dead to Lights 2: Return to Vietnam

Dead to Lights 2: Return to Vietnam

About the Game:
You play an old, semi-retired security guard stationed working the graveyard shift at an out of the way hotel. Your life turns upside-down when the hotel’s power fails and the hotel’s occupants suddenly turn into the living undead. You quickly learn that not only do the presence of these ghouls cause your radio to go haywire, but they seem to be hurt by the light from your flashlight. Armed with these few things, you must escape with your life.

About the Hardware:
The player has three items on him, each of which translate to the in-game character. His flashlight, pointed around the screen, translates to where the character points his flashlight. A wii-nunchuck moves the character, and shaking it causes the character to punch. Finally, the player has a walkie-talkie on him, which beeps and makes noises when the ghouls get close.

Team: Copy Riding Prodigies – Members: Kevin McManus, John Andrews

Info: Developed using the Arduino Duemilanove microcontroller, with the game being written in C# version of XNA

Download Link: [Here]

Video Link:


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