Fall 2011 Anime Season Reviews/First Impressions [Complete]

Guys Nichijou is over, I can’t get my lulz, and my dramalulz from Steins;Gate is gone too, even my dramdawwwws is gone with Usagi Drop. I still got my Penguidrum and Mirai Nikki was one of my favorite manga’s since Deadman Wonderland. Even with some sequels like Bakuman, Working, and Shana I can’t be sure if this Fall will really be that great. I haven’t lost hope though. That will happen in a couple days after a lot of reviews and a lot more booze. I try to tell myself that nothing will be worse the Manyuu, but I’m always wrong.


No real changes to the format this season. So like summer I won’t keep you waiting three weeks to get your reviews, and I’ll be updating daily filling in new shows. For my overall thoughts on the season gb2 the bottom. (Note: Once again all images from MyAnimeList.net) I also won’t leave the post featured for half the season again (kept forgetting to turn it off – apologies) .


Name: Ad Lib Anime Kenkyuujo

Subtitle: The “So late I actually gave up on it and I wonder why I’m even reviewing it” anime


Summary: And here they explain that it’s all ad-libs. The fake lab coats are funny. Lol he’s just like fuck it. 3,2,1 JESUS THAT VOICE IS ANNOYING. BLEH. – And I skipped to the actual anime, because I don’t want to watch Japanese people yelling at microphones. It’s not even real animation, it;s a bad flash. SCRATCH THAT FLASH IS BETTER THAN THIS. Actually I’d rate this as below puppets in terms of anime. WUT. They’re trying to fix a wig. And no that’s not innuendo. Really. Really? Really! God this is the dumbest thing ever.

Review: I want you to understand something, I want you to understand why I do this, why a month after the reviews have been posted and forgotten I would still download, watch, and comment on something I knew was going to be awful. Why do I do it? Because I’m a fucken moron. I hate this game, and I hate you for being a part of this.

Date Added: 11/16/11


Name: Bakuman S2

Subtitle: The “Slowest Anime of  Manga about Manga making to make an Anime” anime


Summary: Lol Detective Trap fake op. BUSINESS STUFF. Oh man 380 thousand monopoly money. He’s a freakin weirdo. Also my comments here are sparse considering I’m leagues ahead and Bakuman anime moves so slow. Oh man that dude is in charge. Oh fuck it’s Light. He’s gonna murder you. Limos and shit, scary stuff. Fancy party time. Lazy man lazy man. Oh man you won a TV not bad. And over.

Review: Yeah it’s Bakuman, which is a good manga, but as the first season showed us, good manga becomes bad anime when you move at nearly a chapter an episode. If you’re committed to the series than carry on otherwise grab the manga here.

Date Added: 10/3/11


Name: Ben-To!

Subtitle: The “What would you do for a Klondike bar needs to sponsor this” anime


Summary: K.O. And that was the 7th time I died. Moar harem and battles. Life is shit. God is dead. Genesis for life y’all. Dammit lost another kid to the landmines. Is that chopsticks going up his butt? Let’s all stare at the bleeding kid! Buttsex? No I think it was buttsex. Not cuddling. Dead again. HOLY SHIT THAT AMBULANCE IS GOING THE SPEED OF SOUND! I’m a stalker. That’s how you do it. No memories, and you love him. And it’s staring girl. Now Americans separate recyclables, also fuck you. Democracy. Destroyed. Double K.O! Cooking is economic, just do it right. Meteored. Ahh I see they try to get lunches and someone beats the crap out of em. Did they jack Battles? You want shit half-priced FIGHT FOR IT. Lol. Slapped like a bitch. BATTLE! Madness? THIS IS SPARTA. Your getting off on this aren’t you. Then some fight scenes.

Review: This actually seems to be doing the one thing I want in Battle-Harem animes, less harem, more battles. The premise seems to be people fighting over half-priced lunches. It looks kind of funny, but I do worry about whether the comedy will keep fresh. I have hopes though.

Date Added: 10/11/11


Name: Boku Ha Tomodachi Ga Sukunai

Subtitle: The “Forever Alone” anime


Summary: Are you naked and hiding in a lab coat? The top of his hair is blond, he isn’t killing you for crissakes. Did that scientist and nun just shake their ass? I don’t remember the manga being this harem-esque then again didn’t get far. Lol. Imaginary friend? Air friend. WHUT. Swiss cheese logic. And non-existent. Not that I want friends I just don’t want to seem like a serial killer – says the chick with an “air friend”. There goes Haruhi. And he seems like  a gangster, lol. A club to make counterfeit friends. She sucks at drawing, and she hid the message diagonally. Denied. Death to popular people. Whut. So much pointless movements.

Review: Err, okay let’s see how to explain this. Okay if you in your quest of life have decided to watch a school life/slice of life/harem show this season and you’re undecided with the myriad of choices then pick this one. pleasegoddon’tsmitemeforsuggestingthis. Out of the crap so far this shines as the tiny kernel of corn. It is however not really that good, and I’m very depressed (Read a few chapters of manga) that it devolves into harem anime. It’s a little like MM! if that helps (noooooo it doesn’t). Ugh I guess, I don’t know – there’s worse this season and that’s why you could watch it?

Date Added: 10/7/11


Name: Busou Shinki Moon Angel

Subtitle: The “Who doesn’t want a bite-sized female androids for their very own?” anime


Summary: Exo-armor fight. SHOT THROUGH THE HEART AND YOUR TOO LATE. Don’t make me do it, I will rape you. Dude is in for a hell of surprise. Oh he’s a transfer student, let’s just ignore the shit outta him. Wow she got much much smaller. Or was the previous size just a perspective trick? Okay so they are tiny, and she violated one of Asimov’s rules. Man they have to send shit after the now. Oh wow 5 minute shows, did not seem like it would be one.

Review: Considering what I was dreading this is kind of funny. It’s about little teeny robot chicks, and so far nothing angering has happened. It’s a 5 minutes show and despite airing almost  a month ago there’s only 1 ep, so no idea what’s going on with it. I do get the sincere impression though that those who enjoy their anime figurines “too” much, may enjoy this show for very very different reasons.

Date Added: 10/12/11


Name: C3

Subtitle: The “If portal and Denpa Onna made a grotesque love child.” anime


Summary: Oh man it’s a companion cube.  You’re clearly hiding something. The Enrichment Center is required to remind you that the Weighted Companion Cube cannot talk. In the event that it does talk The Enrichment Centre asks you to ignore its advice. And naked girl, how very Firefly, and she stole a rice cracker. Man cashing in on the Denpa Onna cuteness I see? Is she Samus? You can take cube form? Oh he can just fix your problem, immune to curses… What bullshit. You look like you would murder someone. Whoa skills, also definitely a pillow suffocater. How’d you do that. Wow obvious panty shot. Are you summoning a sword? Worst drawn Rubic’s Cube ever. Uncessary, also lol TV. Where are you finding these female clothes? And then CSI. Lol he can only do one side. Adults just don’t give a fuck. AND I THREW IT AT THE WALL. AND I THREW IT ON THE GROUND. ROBOT SPIDER! AHHA. the giant aliens did it. Bleah. FUCK THE POLICE. I smoke when I want to. Aww it’s not Panty from P&S

Review: 2ch will eat this shit up; however it is a meal I will not stomach. There is nothing here for the likes of men, and women alike. All ye Weebs may enter, and pray you can be forgiven.

Date Added: 10/3/11


Name: Chibi Devil

Subtitle: The “I like my random demon baby anime to have more GANGS” anime


Summary: 5 Minutes? There is no god, only SATAN! Bullying! Wow, she’s crying. Ok wow it’s about a lonely 14 year old girl who now has to raise a kid? This isn’t cute, it’s a baby. WHOA YOU TRIED TO SMOTHER IT! It’s pooping. Oh it actually was. Lol you blush at baby penises. Again not freaking out enough about being a parent, there it is. He wants your boobs. HYPER BEAM!, and then the baby gave those chicks 3rd degree burns.

Review: Bleh, boring. Only reason to watch this is because it’s short, which isn’t a good enough reason at all.

Date Added: 10/11/11


Name: Chihayafuru

Subtitle: The “Even the shoujo is boring this season” anime


Summary: Karuta? I don’t see how putting track pants on made it worse, sure fashion wise, but your problem was the skirt. And there’s the shoujo filters. Man look at em all. What a weakling. Wow she wants his cock. And disappointed. Their irises are just so massive. Bluntly call the bitches out. Shinkick! And she just got you fired. What a little douche. Spergers. WHOA. Super excited. Stop throwing them dude. Lol it’s easy to be the best, all hail the king of the retards.

Review: It’s a shoujo anime, about a girl who plays a game based on remembering poems and grabbing the corresponding card. They mention in the anime it’s lack of popularity outside even rural parts of Japan. Know why? BECAUSE IT’S A BORING GAME AND MAKING AN ANIME ABOUT IT IS JUST AS BORING. Seriously want to know the single reason why this could even remotely be watchable? Possible love triangle. Oh and if you need to see some shoujo filters. THAT’S IT. Honestly part of me wants to pick this up. Oh wait no I don’t because I have a soul.

Date Added: 10/7/11


Name: Fate/Zero

Subtitle: The “Why did anyone like this series anyway?” anime


Summary: Life sucks. Wear a condom. BACKSTORY! Ppppbbbllltttt. Dude watch out they’re circle strafing you, that’s pro moves you need to shoot them while leading. Seriously why are they doing this, it’s just silly. No wonder he’d join that’s like PTSD for crissakes. Hide ya kids? Old man is like bring me my skull. EWW VIOLATED BY BUGS? WHAT IS THIS DISGUSTING SIN. Madness? This is Bug Sparta. Lol how wizards should exist in this century, aka tradition fags can suck it. Nope, you shutup mudblood this is Slytherin. Oh yeah personal vendetta not racism at all. What. Now they’re getting stuff from Assassin’s Creed? Booooring. Heaven’s coping a feel? Golgo 13? Dude’s smart. On a suicide mission that he couldn’t be stopped by. Eww he’s got worms. You weren’t chosen you stole it. Don’t poison them, what a faggot. Oh no wonder it’s a double Jesus i was wondering why this shit never ended. And some stuff happened, then Saber showed up and thank god it’s over.

Review: I’ve been told the VN of this is good. Too bad the anime isn’t. Even when they go back in time to do a prequel to fix it it.

Date Added: 10/3/11


Name: Guilty Crown

Subtitle: The “Praise Jesus Geass has come again, except instead of cool thriller we get a sword.” anime


Summary: Tokyo tower now with giant searchlight. And the half-nudity with feathers starts singing. You chase that roomba. Oh man some sci-fi. Don’t kiss that bird skull it’s got germs, told ya now it’s going to ice you. Oh man let’s use invisibility but leave a blood trail. TRANSFORMERS ROBOTS IN DISGUISE! Your singing can’t save you from missiles now! Ward 24? MORE LIKE DISTRICT 11 AMIRITE? Seriously though can I get some geass powers here? Earthquake inspired? CHA WHUTHUP CC? Working on an Ef OP? London Bridge? You capture the girl and just leave him? Question all witnesses duh, worst dystopia ever. Mapquest? Punch to the face. I’ve already killed you, deal with it. Liking the music. Murder-time. Go kid go. Wow precise shot. Geass time? MEMEORIES! Big sword.

Review: It actually doesn’t look godawful, but it’s suffering from the same problem with some other series this season. It’s completely derivative. Sure they’re ripping of Geass and the classic trope of useless guy meeting mysterious girl and gaining power to get caught up in a war on the currently losing side. It only seems to be better because it’s derivative of much better, and less used tropes, but make no mistake there is nothing here to wow you. In the end that’s what it comes down too. I mention occasionally that anime has an x-factor where you just know whether it will be a great series – a sense a lot of people don’t have but think they do when things like K-On S2 come out. That is what this series is lacking, sure it’s got mechs rebels, possible romance, some good fight scenes, but there’s no soul.

Date Added: 10/14/11


Name: Hunter X Hunter Remake

Subtitle: The “You know I’m committed to Fairy Tail which has characters I don’t hate” anime


Summary: Fair warning I know nothing about this show. It’s apparently a remake so let’s see. I’m guessing really long ass shounen. Oh lord tree hat. They’re organizing fish by colors? My dad was a deadbeat asshole who left my family and I want to be just like him. My god the longest kiss, don’t be going all DBZ on me for a pinky swear. I’m gonna guess all the kids make it, because adults can;t do shit. Ahh man it’s drunk captain. I smell a storm! Could he be? A stupid 10 year old boy? Yeah. Apparently you can’t be a hunter if you get seasick. Kurapika? Kuripika-chu? Well aren’t you all foreboding and faggoty. It’s a twistah! A Twistah! Teamwork – how beautiful, brings a tear to my eye.

Review: It’s another long shounen that’s getting the reboot, which is odd because while Last Exile is getting another season after like 10 years at least that will have original content. This is totally one of those long shounen series that grips you forever, but I gotta ask? How did anyone get hooked on this? I mean mild talk of bounty hunting aside there is very little to no draw to this series.

Date Added: 10/3/11


Name: Kimi to Boku

Subtitle: The “Japan is not crafty by taking the genre of 4girl slice of life and using males, they’re just assholes.” anime


Summary: DUDE LOOKS LIKE A LADY. Whoa actual females and here I was thinking that wouldn’t show up in here, up in here. I just got a Ouran host club twincest vibe. I have to be wrong for the sake of sanity. What a bunch of bitches. That dude is playing with you hair.  Falling in love with a kindergarten teacher? Those who sleep in the middle die young? Wut? LOL the teacher sleeps next to him, you’re dead. EVIL CAT! Da Zombie! Nice dodge. The cat’s dead lady. Suddenly enthusiasm. KAHMAHHAHMAHHA! KILLED! Give me something to shoot. And then he stabbed them because no one makes him peel potatoes. Lol creeper. Death stare. Wait an anime club where no on shows up, that’s not spergers at all.

Review: Fan girls will eat this up like delicious, delicious pie. It’s basically Lucky Star with bishoujo and some yaoi vibes. I know this may seem sexists, but I doubt I’ll watch a show where nothing happens and the only thing to look at is some male flirting.

Date Added: 10/4/11


Name: Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon

Subtitle: The “So bad I actually forgot to give it a subtitle” anime


Summary: And Hiroshima butthurt. Heartless? Miku knock off? I hate singing. Yes kill her. Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere, damn that’s actually a cool title, and by your op I can tell you wont live up to it. Okay you have some mechs and exoskeltons things, and power suits. Pick a them when you rip things off please. Is he naked? This isn’t Sunrise enough. Closeup on tits thank you for making it obvious your intentions with this series. Was that a slime ball? And he s naked, wtf. So they’ve even stolen some from C Money and Soul? He has no parts. I don’t even. WHAT IS THAT HAIR! IT”S NOT PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE TO HAVE THAT MUCH HAIR GROW FROM YOUR HEAD. And they have wings? Fly Away now? And then Mr. fabulous showed up. Lol. MY GOD SO BRIGHT. And fondled! ROADHOUSE! Well this is just very dumb. And it seems they’re going to have a cast larger than Bleach.

Review: This is fighting Maji De for most generic and retarded award. There’s going to be no real plot, a ton of characters you could give less about, an absurd amount of softcore fanservice that is censored, and just every trope they can steal from the closet of anime the past 3 years. To say this is derivative gives it more  intelligence than it deserves.

Date Added: 10/4/11


Name: Last Exile – Fam the Silver Wing

Subtitle: The “I forgot to review this because I was stranded and drunk” anime


Summary: 6 Moons? My gawd that must fuck with the tides. And you’re stripping, oh you’re drunk. Drunk bungie jumping? Well you kind of did just walk out of the airship. Naked girls? I think this anime got a little too close to Sky Girls. OH NO! Creepy pervert. Lol vespa. Spider web? Wait is it basically MeruMeru? Fuck it’s an angel get the steampunk Eva’s. You know that dress does cover your breasts but it kind of leaves the bottom a bit open. Scenery pron. Dio? Is that really him? Air raid! Yo those ships are not crazy looking enough. Really eyepatch guys are always evil. Why start a war? Because their ships are bland. Lol stop hittin yourself. Lol. PADDLE FERRIS WHEELS, because fuck you we overdo shit.

Review: Eh? I mean yeah I guess it’s okay. Problem is I don’t really like the characters. Granted I wasn’t super invested in the original series chars, but I liked them well enough. Also their needs to be more scenery porn. Like all of the steampunk, none of this 3 seconds of skyscraper paddle wheels and barges in the sky, I want my eyes entertained at all times if your story is going to be meh. Another weird thing is the ovary-washing of this show. I mean the only 3 males chars are a father that will most likely die, the villain, and Dio (and let’s face it that barely counts). So I’m not super excited here, which is really unfortunate.

Date Added: 10/22/11


Name: Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai

Subtitle: The “Dog days + Ikkitousen -tits – dogs -zaworld” anime


Summary: It’s a gym class. That’s a pretty intense gym class. Maids for no reason. Wtf rich schools. SO apparently they get weapons – YOU JUST SHOT HIM. ARE THEY DEAD? Like the first people just made their weapons do the air thing – but what. Are you burning the tree. And your not a man, just got friendzoned. Oh it’s the principal how’d you get out of Bleach. I HATE PEOPLE. (Note this is my 3rd anime starting off and my sister just quit, because she can’t handle it.) Kill me. Ok you say you have weapons that only make you wish you were dead – that is fire. You have fire, you can not have a bullshit restriction on fire. Spanking, really? Ikkitousen without exploding clothes? You can use a transformer? Just kill me. Phhhhbbbtttt.

Review: It’s a generic battle harem anime, it’s Ikkitousen, Infinite Stratos, Chrome Shelled Regios, Baka Test, it’s just a conglomeration of anime put into a cookie cutter mold and delivered to you. You know what though, shaped cookies you buy in the store suck, cookie’s are much better when you mix in the weird stuff (read Liquor) and you back and place cookies with reckless abandon, Hell you might even end up with a super cookie that despite it’s massive size is tender and falls apart in your mouth like you’ve always wanted. If you miss the metaphor here, this shit blows.

Date Added: 10/3/11


Name: Maken-Ki!

Subtitle: The “God I hate my life, want to know why I don’t get paid for this? Because I’d bankrupt China” anime


Summary: I hate cherry blossoms. Oh childhood friend, possibility of wanting his dick? All. God I’d be awesome if he just punches you in the face. Boxes. Hurr. Oh god. I love the part where – oh fuck it, I don’t care enough to write the trope out. Hurr. Shouldn’t you go together it’s the same place… Hate everything. Oh man censor bar of white is back. There’s battles. AND I COULD NOT GIVE A FUCK. You hang from a tree upside down with a skirt, what do you expect? BLAH BLAH NOISES. It’s a bear. Blurb. Nobody just lets you transfer into a battle school and not tell you, oh wait that happens EVERY FUCKEN TIME. And interruption. DURR. And apparently your married. What is this? Hey anime could you be a little more derivative? I’m pretty sure there is a fight of who’s more tsundere going on. I lasted 20 minutes but I can’t even let this finish.

Review: This is awful, it is the worst of the worst this season. It’s derivative of Sekerei, that bad. Honestly folks you know I try to go all the way through things, and only do not when it offends me deeply. I almost made it through this one but couldn’t stand to bear it for 5 more minutes. You want to know why I get so jaded against anime as time goes on? This anime is why. This represents everything that is wrong with anime. Something with no original thought or idea in it. The characters, plot, romances, tropes – all copy-pasta’d onto this piece of shit.

Date Added: 10/11/11


Name: Mashiro iro Symphony

Subtitle: The “Harem anime that went the extra mile to actually anger me” anime


Summary: What color is boys/girls? Oh god it’s going to be fucken genderbender – or not thank god. Love is white? Well I mean I guess depending on how you view conception and love. Oh it’s just harem. Totally gonna be some “white love”. Neon heart? Or a murder rapist will find you first. Typical female, dude would take picture of area so someone can fine him, female takes picture of area for same reason but covers 80% of photo with herself. And so you chase a cat, god you suck. And heartstop. What are you wearing? It’s a giant cat head, they couldn’t do a real cat so they did catball? Bleh. DRAMATIC CAMERA ANGLES! Whut? And then incest-fags got hard. Lecherous best friend? Dammit it is. Girl parade. School with maids? Kill me, please just to end this misery. My god a plot twist so obvious it’s – aww fuck just kill me. And you hate men. T-Minus 12 eps before you accept wanting his dick though,

Review: There is a cat that is just a ball. That exemplifies the effort placed in this series. I watch a lot of things, and not all of it good. There’s always something though, something I can latch onto and say ‘hey that’s different and that’s why I’m watching it’ it’s just not here though. There is nothing but mediocrity and cookie cutter harem. No changes to the recipe, it is processed garbage. You want to be a bad awful horrible anime – fine, but at least try to do something good and fail miserably.

Date Added: 10/7/11


Name: Mirai Nikki

Subtitle: The “Only thing that I chanted get hype as it downloaded this season” anime


Summary: You’re so fucking crazy. BLOOD! I am the caterpillar. Socially awkward. Watch out for that bitch. Lol imaginary friends. DEUS! God o time and space! His name? Just call him the Doctor. It’s not your imagination when it’s sent to your phone. YOU GONNA GET RAPED. Or just murdered. Thank god they did typesetting for the phones, this show would be awful without it. I CAN SEE THE FUTURE! I have all the answers! Can’t even pick on the kid. Your not supposed to be real just my coping mechanism for my social anxiety. OH shit FLAWLESS LOGIC. Time and Space god is the best. 500 points! I’m a wiener! HAHAHA I am the best, she looked at me! Be afraid dude. DEAD END! She knows! RUN! THAT BITCH IS SHITTITS INSANE. OH FUCK. I TOLD YOU! SHE’S NUTS! And kissed. She has a diary that knows about you. YEAH SHE IS. YEAH! Broke his diary. AND HE GETS SUCKED INTO OBLIVION! Meet the challengers! And so the game begins. TO THE WINNER? YOU GET TO BE THE GOD OF TIME AND SPACE! SHE IS IN YOUR IMAGINATION! GOD SHE’S SO FUCKEN CRAZY.

Review: I’m so hyped for this show it’s not even funny. Imagine Deadman Wonderland, and Death Note mixed with hints of Higurashi. Add a game to become God of Time and Space by using a phone the tells you a future. Everyone I know will say I love this show because the heroine is bat shit insane. While I’ll admit she does add an unpredictable element to the show the thriller and plot twists that show up in the story are fantastic, and the characters you meet are amazing. The anime seems to off-screen a bit of the violence, but otherwise they’re keeping pretty true to the manga. Expect some good shit.

Date Added: 10/11/11


Name: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE

Subtitle: The “I’m so scarred by Gundam Seed, Pat Brolonius did this review” anime


Summary: Astroboy tries to save MILF from burning building but wait he’s not Astroboy and can’t lift the roman column.
Turns out the MILF is actually his mom but I’m still going to call her MILF because she’s not mine.
MILF gives astroboy a morpher-looking thing which I can only assume will be used later to summon a Gundam or transform him into a real Astroboy.
Nope, he woke up and stares longingly at the morpher thing.
Pretty standard Gundam OP
Moon cycle explosions, I like this better than 00 S2 already.

Review: My thoughts: Seems like a bit of a return to Tomino-style, not sure if want. Will continue watching. Obviously going to be full of Gundam cliches, but if they do it right (ala Unicorn), could be very much worth watching.

Too lazy to write anything more, also because I actually want to finish watching this episode. But mostly because fuck you.

-Poat sailed.

“P.S.: Nope. I take back everything I said, this fucking sucks.”

Date Added: 10/9/11


Name: Persona 4 The Animation

Subtitle: The “Weather Forecast: No Suicide Personas or Aegis’ in sight” anime


Summary: Fair warning I have not played Persona 4 (played 3 though). Uhh liked the old velvet room better. He’s like wtf is that music. EVERYONE MUST BE ZOMBIES. That’s right little girl keep those bitches in line with an open hand slap. Shady gas man. Please be foreshadowing. Oh hey it’s the weather channel. Infidel? OH THANK GOD FINALLY AN ANIME WHERE SOMETHING HAPPENS. How do you only crack a cd 3/4 of the way? Midnight channel – aka Dark Hour? The Ring? Lol theory that you can’t go into tv because you don’t fit = da best. And he can just stick his hand in, lol sexual references. That is messed up. BEAR PUNS. Dammit.  Gross. Glasses let you – use playing cards? That’s not as cool as shooting yourself to summon Personas TBH. Lightning bolt! Actually said power belongs to the Atlus Corp.

Review: Honestly it looks pretty good. Fight scenes sub in rather well for the combat, and even I can see the subtle nods they have to in-game animations and such. How this pans out storywise though I’m not sure, but I’d bet on convoluted with a hint of awesome. Having not played the game though I can actually safely watch this without my nitpick-spergers-SMT hat and enjoy it as an anime. For the owners of said hats this may not be the case. (Note: Hats not actually sold in stores or anywhere. Yet.)

Date Added: 10/7/11


Name: Phi Brain Kami no Puzzle

Subtitle: The “Here’s a puzzle? How did this get published? Oh wait Japan hates me.” anime


Summary: Your thin mustache can’t save you now. Rods from god? I’ve read about these sinkholes are becoming a big problem in Asia. No it’s a lake that came from the ground. Puzzle can totally kill you, haven’t you heard of Saw. Really Einstein, Edison and DaVinci, is that what your doing? Fuck you Japan. OH FUCK THE PUZZLE IS SUDOKU. Desk Labyrinth, cant they just jump over? Hell just stay to the right if that be cheating. Kick to the face. For 10 minutes that is the best suspension ever. Why isn’t he wearing a uniform. WAIT IT IS SUDOKU WHAT THE FUCK. I don’t want a sudoku anime. Brain Age for pros? Agreed – lame. WTF BEST PIC OF EINSTEIN EVER. There’s traps. wow thats not how physics works. Wow she figured it out first. Mailboxes? Beams that have gaps to hold water so they can collapse? That can’t be OSHA certified. Wait the waters running through the door to the labyrinth, they have plenty of time?

Review: I haven’t been this angered about Japan just jacking famous names for their own stupid personal use since Hidan no Aria. It’s an anime about puzzles, aka expect some wannabe thriller/Death Note/Geass shit, but enjoy getting crap, crap, and more crap. I hate people and all the people.

Date Added: 10/3/11


Name: Shakugan no Shana Final

Subtitle: The “Yuuuuuuuji! Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuji!” anime


Summary: DEMONS! Ok killin dudes like you do. DRAGON? Wait whut Yuji? So really dropping us off in the middle eh? God this looks like a giant cast. Wait were you always pregnant, did Yuji even have a dad? And fanservice. Well he’s not gone gone, because you’ve already shown us that. Do it. Settle for second best. Get out of his seat or I will flip it. What am I thinking about? Infinite fractals cascading into an infinite parallel universe. Stuff. God I forgot, how everyone has an inanimate object to talk too. What did I say about thinking? It’s bad for you. Godhand! Grinding! Grinding! Man will their hopes be destroyed when they find out it was the post office all along, and they just forgot stamps. Cool now I’m king.

Review: Well they’re finally finishing Shana, but I’m not going to lie, this starts off convoluted and out of order, and from the intro expect a giant cast, and a lot of storyline compressed into a series. The light novels are finished but there going to try and condense a bunch. Despite this, and Rei Kugimiya voice, it’s Shana and while it’s not a masterpiece, it’s a solid series totally worth watching. Mostly though this is for fans and people who’ve seen the first 2 seasons and are keeping up with the story.

Date Added: 10/11/11


Name: Shinryaku!? Ika Musume S2

Subtitle: The “Squidly squid squids squids squidedly” anime


Summary: I’ve got a bad feeling this isn’t going to be funny anymore. Predators? Lol she sympathizses, ANd then they Et the shit out of you. Robots. Lol you’re a disposbale character mr, redhsorts. Poison’d. Shrump theif,a nd ink attack. FUCK HOLY SHIT MAN, I JUST JUMPED TEN FEET WHY DID I NOT EXPECT THAT. Wtf? Yes gather intel so you can what? Kill them? Yes yes you are. Socially awkward… Destroyed… Lol. Jellyfish of DEATH. SNIPED. Lol. MIT we’re you learn to collect jellyfish. Or too instead clone them.

Review: It’s Squid Girl, I liked it last season because it was a light slapstick comedy, it doesn’t really seem to be doing much but going through old jokes. Hopefully this is to ease into the new season, but when has life every gone my way?

Date Added: 10/3/11


Name: Tamayura Hitose

Subtitle: The “It may be physically impossible to be a duller than this” anime


Summary:  Lesbian chicken. Is that just a white fluff ball? CAN NOBODY DRAW CATS ANYMORE? Dumb premise is dumb, also boring. If this anime was a color, I wouldn’t even care because it too would be so boring only 2 minutes in. They’re called clouds… WHAT did she do to you? Jesus a single look and it’s like she stabbed you. Ginger, def. Wut. No person can cry this much. Source of energy? You run on tears? That’s dark. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

What? Why don’t we just move that’s impulsive. Oh god another person lost to wish to become a photographer. TAKE THEM! Oh god it’s over.

Review: I have seen the perils of what happens when a young ditzy girl gets it in her head that she can be a famous photographer. It’s not a pretty story. Compound that with the fact that so far it’s backstory, and it’s so boring I dozed off for 5 minutes at my desk I will not be watching this. For the sake of your future children I’d suggest the same for you.

Date Added: 10/7/11


Name: UN-GO

Subtitle: The “It’s Neuro but the main char isn’t from Skip Beat” anime



And that was the 8th time I died. Please let OP be an indicator of art style. That was easy to get on. Not the proxy I want it to be. I SUCK DATA. Napoleon twins? HE EXISTS. Whut. Ahh I see it’s a detective anime. Poisoned! How can you sit on a toilet with a dress like that? Murder time? Called it, stabbed with a butterknife. Damn. God he looks weird. Lol. I wear my sunglasses at night. Demon time? So Neuro? Geass? He fought terrorism! And he saw through you bitch. Lol you suck.

Review: Meh. I mean I’m personally partial to crime-solving themes, but this is basically like Neuro except there’s less comedy. Which just makes this kind of suck, it’s not like you feel a need to root for Seto Kaiba either. Plus the setup for annoying girl to try and intrude is just awful. Honestly though it’s better than Phi Brain because it’s actual puzzles instead of sudoku and maze crap.

Date Added: 10/14/11


Name: Working S2

Subtitle: The “And another light comedy letting me down” anime


Summary: Just got outsourced. Oh hi midget tits. It’s a customer let’s ambush him with knives! Made because she’s cute. Lesbians, man-haters, and midgets abound. He likes small things. The I know you’re lying stare. Oh shit reality, he said deal with it. Blu-Ray’s already? FUCKEN PRIUS, DAMMIT. That look, thats the look that says you’re creept. Murderer. Noble words, but I’m still offended. Dead. Why are you walking around with milk? You suck. And you’re short, and you’re creepy. REJECTED. TROLLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Geckos, helping you get taller and save money on car insurance. I MUST DESTROY THE WORLD’S SUPPLY OF GECKOS. So rornery, so rornery. And then things got weird.

Review: This falls into the same boat as Squid Girl, it’s a fun light comedy that is relying on old jokes from previous seasons, and I can only hope it’s because it’s a first episode. I have to remind myself that only Zetsubou carries on like you already know things because it doesn’t care how ADHD otaku are.

Date Added: 10/3/11


Well I’m calling the season, Ad Lib most likely won’t be subbed, and Space Pirates is bumped to January. Overall I’m not impressed. Sure I have things to watch, but that’s because Penguindrum is still going, and there’s sequels everywhere, but it’s just kinda meh. I mean yes this season seems to be fairing better than last season, but summers are often lackluster.  Mirai Nikki is good, but even there I only enjoy it because the manga gets really really good. I also wonder why there’s no Shaft or Gainax series at all? (And by that I mean secret prep is going on for Panty and Stocking S2). I mean call me cynical but I compare this season to fps in video games. Sure there’s some stuff here, but nothing we haven’t seen before and will no doubt see again.


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