Fall 2010 Anime Season Reviews/First Impressions [Complete]

AAC is over, and with it the anime con season. However we do have a brand new anime season to make everything better. And this one is shaping up to be awesome.


Well sort of.

Well reviews are in there standard format, title, informative subtitle, scatterbrained ADD influenced summaries, and personally biased feelings/thoughts on whether the anime deserves to exist. Enjoy


A Certain Magical Index 2: Railgun Bugaloo: The “Lee hates me so much for that title because it’s true” anime


Summary: Ok wtf he hasn’t punched things in the face yet. Not enough Biribiri in my intro. NO NO NO NO NO. Jesus shit he’s molting. Tornado blackhole crossbow. You’re dead. And there’s that sound again. OH SHIT HE’S OVER THERE. Oh shit counter dead. OKAY. Punch him in that FACE! DO IT. Oh hi useless? Yeah because that cat is secretly a bloodhound. Nope. Yes because ropes are unique to Japanese porn. BIRIBIRI BIRIBIRI. And he doesn’t give a shit about you. Sorry I doubted you cat. BOOKS! Bored again. BLOOD! I’m pretty sure it’s for that worthless woman. Broken. FACEPUCNHTIME! Or bleed out and die time. Cat of healing? Oh right he can just break anything by going boop. YES pant leg samurai is back. And she’s gonna kill all these knights. EAT SHIT! Lol I totally forgot all the details of this show.

Review: It’s Index 2 what do you want from me? You already knew if you were going to watch this or not already. What I say here is irrelevant. If you want Touma punching faces watch this, if you want you BiriBiri wait until Railgun 2.


Arakawa 2: The “John’s Shaft boner resumes” anime


Summary: So much want.  And then Hiroshima happened? Oh hi quirky anime opening part 2. And then some delusions. LOL. God I love this show. Take it! And then that happened. Oh wow sleeping in drawers is actually uncomfortable? Who knew. Wait John Lennon autographed balls? An Amazon? Oh man episode 116. Marathoning? Oh shit the mayor evolved! HAAHHAHAA. Yo dawg we totally pimped out your baseball chalk drawer. WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM! What a scrub. Oh man I hate Mario Kart. HAHAAHAHA. Technicolor grass and dark lines. DESTROYED! Fish in mouth. I don’t even know.

Review: It’s the second season of Arakawa if you liked the first season or get a halfie just downloading a Shaft anime like I do then this is what you want. I would however recommend you watch the first series because beside being awesome it does explain things.


Bakuman: The “This is as cool as a notebook that kills people right?” anime


Summary: Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook. Oh alright. I had to check if this wasn’t supposed to happen or gg trolling me. I’m still not sure. Ok its canon. Ok kind of  a weird real opening. INNER MONOLOGUE LAMENTING NORMALNESS LEADING INTO SOMETHING EXTRAORDINARY HAPPENING. Sorry had to make that clear. Only a bitch could think love was a reason to live. Damn he looks like Light in the anime. WHY SO SERIOUS! Lolololol Death Note references. All according to keikaku. You sit in the back and you know everything. Drama. DNA not a factor in drawing ability. Light! Because suicide is painless, but it brings on many changes. Super stalker! So awkward. Lol. Situational blackmail. But too much daww to notice. HAHAHAA. Lol can only say it via microphone. WAH! Lol unrealistic conditions.

Review: Ok so I’m current in the manga for this show, so I do kind of know what the deal is with this anime. Basically it’s the story of these 2 kids as they try to become mangaka’s It’s a pretty good series and I would definitely say to watch the first few episodes to see if you like it. I will say however that the problem with this series (both anime so far and manga) is that there is no real wow factor to the series. It does everything right and very few things wrong but it’s like attending the second coming and finding out that Jesus couldn’t really walk on water. I mean yeah he’s still the messiah, but he’s just not as cool.


Fortune Arterial: The “Hasn’t liked vampires since Buffy, and even then it wasn’t the vampires” anime


Summary: Falling. Vampires. Red bandages. Yup this is gonna be one of those animes. Bored again. And then this asshole. Now back to tits. Kyaaaa. Goddammit. I swear to god this better not be knocking off chibi vampire OR I WILL FLIP EVERYTHING. She’s so horny right now. Spoiler alert: this still sucks. Fucken take it. And then the loli showed up. FINISING MOVES! COUGH IT UP. EXILED. /Heavy Sigh. STOP SAYING KOHEI. Fuck you fuck you your cool. THIS SHOW IS TOTALLY ABOUT THE CHEF. Go back to the chef I don’t care about you. Bored again. Another loli? Dammit. Lol and then the nun showed up. You know what they’re all vampires. Go home get out of here. So gay. He’s just fucken with you, and by that I mean he’s gonna fuck him right in front of you. DING DING DING DING. They see me trolling, they hating. And that qualifies as 10$ in the cliché anime game. LOLOLOL are those real? Discipline Hammer, dammit no hammer space. Daww and there’s the love flags burying me alive. I DIED FROM AN INCURABLE DISEASE, WISHES FOR EVERYBODY. Oh fuck fatal frame. Oh man gay president isn’t gay he’s a vampire which is basically the same thing.

Review: You know those romance comedy series with a zillion clichés that try to exist by changing one key element but ultimately I don’t give a fuck? Yeah that’s what this is.


Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls: The “Not enough Ikkitousen on planes” anime


Summary: Dude if this is strike witches without lolis? Approve. Ikkitousen on a PLANE! My gawd this is alternate history Japan wins WW2 with samurai chicks on a plane. I’m fine with this so far. Lee is so right about Ikkitousen on planes. Man japan is so butthurt over the nuke. My gawd the Award for Most Ridiculous Censorship the award goes to Ink blots Samurai Girls. Called it she’s a nuke. The cel shading is nice. So bizarre. And there’s the flat chest Kugimiya was wondering where she was in MM! Boobs chick just realizes her boobs were out. Bored again. Ok a sword in the hair. DAT ASS. You’re not a story anime cut it out go back to the action from the opening. Damn ninja’s and here I wanted Helghast. Dude period anime with augmented reality. FLASH OHOH! Alright some weird dreamish scenes. Ok punishment means give me oral sex? ROCKING GUITARS TIME! Finally. KILL HER! Take it. Ok hopefully the second episodes redeems this.

Review: There is too much story here. I think the production crew gets that we want tits and by the amount of ink blots it would appear they have not skimped out on such things. (Not that we can see them anyway) What they have failed to do however is have about 80% fight scenes. It’s at about 5-10%. I honestly don’t want story from you Samurai Girls, please stop trying. Give me more of that opening scene and I’ll love you like I love all my fight scene + tits animes.




Review: Lololololololol jk everyone.


Kuragehime: The ”Not enough Jellyfish from Kamisama Kazoku” anime


Summary: Oh great, we get a squid anime and now a jellyfish anime. What? Shibuya? What a crazy thing! Wut. Oh hai Star wars. You’re getting sued. Ahh I see, it’s all the movie parodies. And then some Jellyfish. Ok… Sex and Nunz? Lol internet friends. Oh lol female nerds. Nunz… Master Meijiro… SHE’S LIKE THE MESSAIH OF FEMALE OTAKU NERDERY. Ahh man a jellyfish nerd. It’s gonna weaken and die. Oh shit it’s a hipster, there’s nothing you can do. Wut. Wut. Wut. Wut. Wut. Wut. Wut. Wut. Wut. Wut. FIGHT! Wut. Wut. Wut. OH SHIT Here’s JOHNNY! Tuck and roll. Wut. CM? Gimmie that jellyfish. Fun? TRAINS! Hipster… Ok… Oh shit it’s a trap! Crossdresser lol. Virginity Confirmed! Lol.

Review: I really like this series, there’s no real reason why it’s just a cute little show. I mean the story is basically lol whatever and it’s really the characters you watch it for. Maybe it’s because it’s about a bunch of girl nerds (no they’re not cute or moe), maybe it’s because gg used the word Hipster in an anime, or maybe it’s because the show doesn’t insist upon itself. It has no company, or art style, or sense that this show is meant to be something. It’s funny, not haha funny just something you could enjoy watching. Give it a few episodes and see if you like it.


Letter Bee Reverse: The “Not even worth a title” anime


Summary: Yeah I skipped this series the first time around, I doubt this will change my mind. Bored again. Even this fight scene is boring. Yup 5 minutes I’m calling this one still suck-a-lot.

Review: Still suck-a-lot.


MM! The “Love Hina would have been better if Keitaro enjoyed getting destroyed right?” anime


Summary: Oh shit crazy chick. Nope bored again. Hella-M? GENERIC LOVE COMEDY GO! Because this is generic I will add a quarter for each stereotype used and 1.00 for the really bad ones. Harem friend. Fucking flowers and sparkles. Oh man boring. And then he enjoyed having his stomach stepped on. Oh man the M clicker again. He’s a masochist so wacky right, oh shit he’s crazy as fuck. So subversive. Paper chibi time! My god every char but the main is just a faggot. Boobs. YOU COULD HAVE DIED. Then maid and baseball death. …………………………………………………….. WHY, WHY ARE THE VINES COVERING HIM. EAT SHIT! Of course the gay friend is okay with it. Oh shit inverse shurikan. Big tits nurse. He so raped you in the butt. DING> DING> DING> DING. You’re so gonna fuck up, lol delusion. Hurrr. Cue Benny Hill. JUMPING RAPE, MURDERED. CALLED IT! Your crush was your gay boyfriend. Ok I didn’t call that just that he’s gay. And then buttsex. So TSUNDERE. Right in the balls. Bored again. Fuck this ending. Total Count: $11.25

Review: You know what’s wrong with anime? Unlike the moe blob series that seems to pop up every season, this is the school life romantic comedy that has so many copy pasta themes that they have to come up with some defining feature that they think makes it uniquely different but in reality is just a meh joke at best. Imagine if the coin stereotype game was a generime (generic-anime) drinking game? What I hate about these series it’s because looking for the points where you have to drink are more exciting than the series. That and considering how much I’d have to drink I’d be as drunk as a hippo. Would I be fine with having one K-on esque series a season if I didn’t have 4-9 of these? Yes. So very much yes.


Motto to Love-Ru: The “Your series died for a reason” anime



Review: Yeah I’m sorry. I thought that for the sake of you I could review this show to inform you of the scale of its terribleness. Sadly memories of the first season have made such a feat impossible. I suppose you’ll have to take this on faith.



Ore no Imouto (My little sister can’t be this cute) : The “I’m pretty sure if my sister was into porn games I’d be like gross” anime


Summary: YOU’RE A PHONY! Oh hai title drop. You know this whole normal joke was only mildly funny in Zetsubou. Oh shi- a SWEET PAN! Ok this isn’t 300 enough with the slowdown, speed up thing. You know he has a valid point why is her hair pink? I too often yell at the contents of dvd’s. Everyone is disgusted, your dad however just wants you to kill yourself. SHE’S A ZOMBIE! AIM FOR THE HEAD! Anime: polluting your mind with filth. Butts in the air? Bored again. SMACK MY BITCH UP!  Life counseling? The blu-ray is used as an offering to appease the anime gods. She gonna rape you. Daw she fell in love with pron game before she even realized it. Smack part 2: Life counseling bugaloo. You know that kind of situation is awkward.

Review: 2ch Loves this anime. If you have ever thought to yourself hey you know those 2ch guys seem to share my opinion on enjoying incest, loli’s, and good anime then by all means go die in a fire. Seriously. In a fire.


Otomo Yokai Zakuro: The” Bored Again” anime


Summary: It has yokai in the title, aka this is gonna be a meh spirit anime, bet you 10 bucks. BLOOD! You know why I love shaft because I can watch their openings and be like hey I haven’t seen this a bazillion times. Bored again. Nope I’m sorry there are the flowers. Serious summary over. Finishing review by how much I’m bored. O = 1 Time. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Bored.

Review: This is boring. How boring? Very boring. It’s one of these spirit animes that unlike Natsume or Mushishi decides hey I’m just gonna suck a lot.


Panty & Stocking: The “2ch can suck a brick, because this shit is tits” anime



Review: This is the best thing that’s come out since Gurren Lagann. I’m not saying that nothing has been really really good, just that there is nothing of this caliber. If you liked Gurren Lagann, FLCL, Dead Leaves you’ll love this anime, actually fuck that if you like anime you’ll love this anime, actually fuck that if you like anything you’ll love this anime, actually fuck that you’ll love this anime.


Shinrei Tantei Yakumo: The “Yeah whatever” anime


Summary: And in this corner we have another meh spirit anime, this one in a bad psychological thriller format. Six entered but only one left. THEY COME FROM THE SHADOWS, use the light Alan Wake! Jesus fucken head tits that’s creepy. Oh shit another suicide. Murder suspect found! Yeah, I’ll fucken protect you. IN EXCHANGE FOR BUTTSEX! 24 Voice, That’s where he buried the cellphones, he killed all of them. He only knew there were 4 people! Yeah sure, you’re not CSI man what are you gonna do with that? Hold on to the reins? Wtf? Oh look it’s my collections of spleens, let’s have some tea. So many suicides how about a nice murder and mysterious disappearance to shake things up a bit? Contacts don’t just knock out like that, also demon eye lol. Jigoku Bishounen. Death by bus! Bored again.

Review: There’s a manga I’m reading called Tasogare x Amensia, it’s very similar to these series however while Tasogare is fantastic this is not. It’s a standard mystery thriller series with the whole tie-in of spirits and ghosts. Aka nothing to see here folks move along. I’ll watch this series because it’s in my nature, you however should not.


Shinryaku Ika Musume: The “Japan secretly fears a squid uprising, well not the porn industry” anime


Summary: Squid Girl… Really? It’s like a female Brock. Lol basically the premise is Japan1: Hey let’s personify a squid into moe. Japan2: Okay sounds good but wait we need some core story we can bullshit. Japan1: I know she wants to invade humanity because people are ruining it with the oil spill in America. Japan2: That’s excellent, we’ll produce it right now. Lol if you can’t waitress 30 people there’s no way you can rule 6 billion. Bug killing dance. Tentacle power, but not in the way that’s customary for Japan. Lol that 5 year old is crafty. Yes boss! Like this only gets points because it’s so stupidly funny. INK HADOKEN! JESUS SHIT, she opened her eyes you stare at the face of DEATH! Heavenly squid ink?

Review: This is a good cute little series. That basically sums it up I mean it’s not fantastic, and even genre-wise it’s no Ramen Fighter Miki. It is however a cute little comedy that unlike most things isn’t totally copy pasta boring ass shit. You won’t be laughing your ass off here but a little chuckle and a general sense that your like has not been totally wasted is exactly what this series provides, and that’s a good thing.


Sora no Otoshimino S2: The “You exist for AMV Hell jokes and only that” anime


Summary: No you’re not serious, and there you proved my right. Boner glare? Fire missiles at my boner? You suck at coloroing. Also no wings on your dick. HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhh. Black hole over Japan, symbolism of the bomb? Duh. The new world was America wtf. Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ppppppphbbbbbttttttttt.ppphhhhhhhbbbbbbbbbbttttttttt. She’s got a gun, get the fuck out. Oh hai a stargate. Bored again. Pterodactyl porn: anime ver. And now the apocalypse. And your batshit. My gawd this chick is awesome. Too bad the show isn’t about her. BORED BORED BORED BORED BORED. I DON’T EVEN. BORED BORED TSUNDERE BORED. FORE! WTF. FORE! HE banged like 3 billion women. This is a first episode? I mean yeah it’s a continuation but seriously. We’re in a dream because evergreens aren’t green. BB

BBBBBBB Bored. Burn the world. Pppphhhbbbtttt. Random musical montageish ending? SPACE LASER! My gawd there’s no way boobs could physically be that big. Wat… Rub the world.

Review: This series is akin to Akikan in that it insults you as a viewer. That by watching this you have in turn become a far worse person. I continued watching Akikan in the name of scientifically observing the worst anime in existence. This is not Super S tier terrible but it definitely gets an S.


Soredemo Machi: The “You killed John’s Shaft boner?” anime


Summary: Classy as fuck. YES MORE SHAFT! Those teeth. Lololol Dat ball. Holy shit lens flare. Wtf. GOD she can eat anything, starting with all he white peo- Twlight zone? Apparently this maid cafe is so not up to par, and this check is going to destroy everything. NO cute voice. Lol. DAISY AND RAPE. WTF. Destroyed. Bucket everywhere lol the beam of censorship light. GOD OF RAGE. Gte the bible. Badabop. Lesbian rape? God why are people so scary. Discovered. MIND GAMES. Critical mass? Dumbass. Maid-jutsu. WAR! 22 minutes later… lol. Wtf. TAKE IT. Maid-cicide. Holy fuck things are going to die. Wtf. Destroyed. My gawd he is so disappoint. 1=0 Oh FUCK. And now you die. Lol k-on.  Spirit gun? I don’t even know. And then that happened.

Review: Hhhhhgggg. This is Shaft. This is Shaft proving that they cannot in fact make everything they touch gold. I mean sure the Negima series showed this but that’s a Ken Akumatsu manga. I compare them to an unstoppable force and an unbreakable wall. Except the Akamatsu wall is too unbreakable. But alas we have Soredemo, I know what it’s doing and I’m not sure why they picked this up when so few people like Natsu no Arashi but I really don’t feel it with this series. The comedy isn’t up to par, the story/plot is weak at best, even the iconic art is toned down. This exists as a thorn in my side reminding me that the magic is dead and Santa Claus is just not real.


Star Driver: The “You know I have been a bit deprived of fabulous since Geass” anime


Summary: I’m gonna say 3 to 1 odds this is one of those boring animes. Ok? CPR and Dat Ass? Oh man I love it when I get to the next level. Anime eared maid for no reason? Derp. I was wrong this is one of those stupid boring animes. Walk over and PUNCH HIM! Give me some action. Naked purification time? Jesus you’re scary. Bored. Ok? Well that’s a start. Ahh I see you start the opening when the actual anime starts. Oh it’s a mech anime. That makes sense. Ok so now I’m lost. With these pliers! Pwn’d and then some singing. Signaling giant robot and geass masks! TIME FREEZE! And then the big bang happened and Gurren la– And of course plot armor worked. Galactic Pretty Boy, oh shit this is Linebarrerls 2, Yo that robot, I’ve seen it before. SUPER FABULOUS. He just grew highlights. MY GAWD NO WONDER GG SUBBED THIS. Oh man time for a triple so-cow. Oh man Zero-Time has hired Michael Bay. You’re expelled turn in your badge.

Review: Hahahahahahahhahaha. <- That there is my review of this series. It is a joke, it’s a fairly good joke, and fun to watch but you must go into it with the notion that what you are watching is a joke. The main char’s title is Galactic Pretty Boy. That really does set the tone for this series. I would recommend Star Driver but not because I would say it’s a good series. I’d recommend watching it with friends and preferably drinking.


Super Robot Taisen: The “I liked this better when it was Zoids” anime


Summary: Gundam: dead. Optimus prime: Dead. BLOOD! Robots. Oh shit Eva. Beowulf. And some Code Geass. Robot’s jumping? Like it’s just robots fighting and people saying nonsensical words. RESPECT KNUCKLES! Volcano. Physics: Dead. Lee is rocking out so hard to this opening. Because he loves the 80′s The president of the earth has come to inform you that we’re all fucked. Nope humanity didn’t save us boobs did. And some fight scenes. This guy: evil. My gawd your nipples could poke an eye out. X-treme mechs. You’re the gay character. Nope it’s this guy he’s near Schnizial gay. Japan: it’s not child labor, it’s moe. If your glasses are round than you are an evil mastermind. WOW. She’s so horny. COMBO. My drill shall pierce the- Eat Shit. Rods from god. Sephiroth. That dog is enjoying tits. BOOBS AND LEGS AND BUTTS EVERYHWERE. Go Dog, go. Daww.

Review: I’m sure there’s some old school mech fans who’d really like this show and enjoy it, but really I’m no longer impressed by these kinds of mech series. To be fair I never really was. There’s a reason why I’m not a Gundam or Macross dude. I watched them when I was younger and I’ve tried again and again to get into them, and I just can’t. I’ve seen a fair share of mech animes and very few have ever seemed to me that the mech’s are really a part of the story. Think of it this way how boring would this series be if the mechs were tanks? I’ll tell you, very boring.


Tantei Opera Milky Holmes


Summary: Tuxedo mask vs. Sherlock Holmes? Nvm it’s a kid series. Quit


The World God Only Knows: The “How about a legitimate reason for a harem” anime


Summary: Resistance if Futile! TEN THOUSAND HEROINES CAPTURED! Truly 2ch has a new god. Naw don’t worry teach just let me hit a save point. Lol let’s give the PFP a slide out keyboard, it’s totally not the same thing as a PSP. Reality is totally a crappy game. I mean God released the Noah patch like how long ago? The god of conquest. Botan 2.0? Don’t lose your head, don’t lose your head. You know as far as legitimate reasons for harem animes go this one ain’t bad. The ability to turn all shorts into bloomers, truly a useful skill. True facts guys if you continuously make large banners rooting for someone they’ll love you. Shit he’s got it all figured out, you go little not killing criminals Light-kun. Oh fuck he’s got you down. The amount of cliché, too much, I’m gagging and vomiting at the same time, I’m gavomiting. Dear god it’s so contrived. Paaaaaaa, paku. I was wondering how they were going to deal with that, guess no School Days ending again. Damn.

Review: This series does nothing wrong and to be fair it does a few things right. It’s just I would never recommend it to someone else to watch. It’s not like Bakuman where there’s no X-factor, it’s something more. There’s just something wrong here, somehow the contrived plot, the characters, and the setting just mesh in a way that this series becomes something that’s really just not worth existing. It’s like being forced to live on a couch for a few days. Not something you hate or love, just something you’d rather not do.


Togainu no chi: The “Gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay” anime


Summary: BLOOD RAIN! Oh god it’s Schindler’s list but crossed with a horror movie. Where’s that metal coming from, and then the vocals hit. Fuck this always happens. FIGHT FIGHT. Ok stop getting sexually excited over these dudes fighting. DING My gawd where’s the tits. Ok so the artist can draw female chars but they’re just not in the story. It’s not even doing anything gay but it totally is. TAKE IT. Then buttsex, your not cops. Cops flash they’re badge. Buttslave arrives late to the party as usual. Eat shit. Chick or gay? Oh wow it’s a chick why am I so surprised? Oh wait. HOW DO YOU GROW OUT YOUR SIDEBURNS LIKE THAT! Oh man guy gets arrested and his only way to freedom is to participate in underground fights. NEVER HEARD THIS PLOT EVER! Go away I need to have some haven’t seen you in a while buttsex. NOPE, that line and I’m done.

Review: I was wondering why gg was subbing some really good series, and Star Driver. I had assumed the fabulous that was Star Driver was the extent of gay this season. I was wrong. I did not finish this series it was kinda gay the whole way through and then the line “What if what I do inside can’t be shown out here?” And I was like nope, retreat, get in the car. This anime accurately falls under the category of judging anime as TITS or GTFO. Thus I did indeed get the fuck out. Call me a homophobe all you like I’ll go enjoy my Ikkitousen and you can have your fun with this.


Yosuga no Sora: The “Incest is totally legit right?” anime


Summary: Indifferent to each other. MINE. Trains in the sky, man. So… I get the feeling this is just ripping off from other anime. Like some sort of Air, Myself Yourself, Ef combined forgery. Bored again. I KNOW YOU, BUT I’M SURE AS HELL NOT GOING TO TELL YOU ABOUT IT! Craptacular? Lolololol translators. Seriously? Ok Lady readers I have to know, do guys just sometimes glitter and sparkle and that’s how you know? Because seriously wtf. Must be nice to have tits big enough to rest your hand on one. Head Banging Time! Thought it was gonna be a harem anime. Seriously? Incest? Goddammit Japan. And then lesbians? So bored… Some delusional little sister incest, then some tits, and finally THE STORM TO END ALL STORMS! Well that was direct. Ok you know cliffhangers are less okay when it’s oh I want to see if he bangs his sister or not. Now some chibi after the ending. Haha you can’t get any. Oh but wait there’s always masturbation.

Review: Hhhhhhhhhhgggggggggggggg. There’s incest, and blantant porn stuff. Think of Kanako but a copying Ef, and Air vibe. Yeah that. Aka just not okay.


Alright then, so basically go watch Panty and Stocking, watch the sequels to Arakawa, and Index if you liked S1, try Bakuman, hope Samurai Girls gets better, watch Shunryaku and Kuragahime if you like light comedies, and StarDriver if you enjoy fabulous comedies. Also watch Panty and Stocking.

Cheers mates.


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